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Data link manager can't delete an Excel link

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12-26-2011 11:46 AM

I'm messing around with tables and data links, parcticing.


I copied a range of cells in Excel, and did paste special to create a linked table.


Now I can delete the table object, but I cannot delete the link, cannot detach it.


When in Data Manager if I right click on the data link and click delete I get the error message "The data link is being used and cannot be deleted".


I have tried detaching, and the detach does not seem to take.


Now also, the table will not update from the source xls.


I'm sort of wary of using this link to spreadsheet feature if it breaks and is buggy.


Win XP, AcadLT 2011, Office 2010. Using compatible setting for saving spreadsheet, for Office 2007 (not xlsx).


If I create a linked table by starting with the Table icon, choose "from a data link", choose the excel spreadsheet, etc., then I am able to later update the table from the spreadsheet, detach, delete the link, etc. But I can only delete the link if the table is not selected when I open the Data Link Manager.


But the one that was created following the directions from the Autocad video, with the copy, paste special, that link will not detach nor delete.



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Re: Data link manager can't delete an Excel link

12-27-2011 09:54 AM in reply to: gcCad
Is HELP working? If yes, look up DATALINK command and also explore the sidebar SEE ALSO section adjacent when you get a chance. Post back if you get stuck of if your right click button has been crippled to only perform <enter> function.
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Re: Data link manager can't delete an Excel link

12-27-2011 10:53 AM in reply to: pendean



Sorry, didn't type it fully. DATALINK gives you the data link manager, which I was using.


I did look through help when I had the problem, but not sure what the "section adjacent" is you are referring to.


I do have right click menu functionality and used the data link menu items.


Data link manager was unable to delete that particular data link. It was able to do it's functions on other data links (I tested it). It was just the data link that was created by using paste special that was stuck.


I have been messing with this some more, and when I use the table icon to creat a table and link it to an Excel spreadsheet, then all works fine. Updates, pushing changes back and forth, format updates,deleting, all work fine with other data links. Just that one link was frozen.


So I just won't use the paste special method to create linked tables. The create table icon method suits me fine.


I determined as best as I could that it just wasn't working in that file, so I created new file without it. So I don't have the stuck one to try things on anymore. Case closed.


I prefer to make tables in Excel, and I am happy with how easy it is to create a linked table, update it, etc. It seems stable as long as I don't use the paste special method.


Someday I'll try door & window blocks with attributes and the data extraction function to see if that is helpful for door & window schedules.




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Re: Data link manager can't delete an Excel link

06-14-2012 08:23 AM in reply to: gcCad

Has this been resolved? I am having this problem with data linking.

I have 26 tables in a drawing and two of them will not delete, giving the same error as stated above.


There are no table objects corresponding to these links in the drawing.


I had to rename them to get them out of the way so I could create them again because of an unrelated issue I was having.


Please advise..


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Re: Data link manager can't delete an Excel link

06-14-2012 08:40 AM in reply to: rickhebert

Nope, seems to be an occasional bug. Never was resolved so that it worked properly.

Have to use solutions like you did (renaming).

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Re: Data link manager can't delete an Excel link

06-14-2012 08:42 AM in reply to: hikerman

Ok thanks

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