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Creating a wblock from a Dynamic block

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12-06-2011 07:09 AM


I am in the process of creating a few really useful dynamic blocks. My problem is I wish to collect them in a library folder so each block is a stand alone dwg file. I know I used to to this in 2011LT, but that was some time ago and I have since changed company and we have 2012LT. I cannot for the life of me remember how to do this.

I have tried to do it the usual w-block way, but when I import them into a new drawing they are actually a block within a block. Is there a better way of doing this?


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Re: Creating a wblock from a Dynamic block

12-06-2011 07:51 AM in reply to: rhoscadman

Usually when you w-block a block it will, of course, make a block within a block.


2 approaches that I can think of just off-hand are:


1)  make the block AS you w-block (select entities instead of a block)


2) after you make your library of blocks, create a tool palette and they should insert as a typical block.









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Re: Creating a wblock from a Dynamic block

12-06-2011 08:04 AM in reply to: drjohn

Sory guys, either I must be the stupidest cad man around or I'm having a senior moment:


When you open the W-block dialogue box, right at the top left is clearly written.......Source: Block, entire drawing, objects!!


I selected block and made a dwg file of it, created a fresh drwg and inserted it and hey presto!! it works.


Thanks anyway.

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Re: Creating a wblock from a Dynamic block

12-06-2011 08:22 AM in reply to: rhoscadman

-The Block Editor (BE) Test workspace has changed how most are creating blocks now. Previously we would create the Dynamic Block, Save it, and then Insert it into a Drawing file: Thus creating a Container File.

-Now with the BE there is no need to create a block that is then Inserted since you can Edit it whilst in the BE so there is no need to go back to Modelspace to look at what you did. Hence you end up with entities that have Dynamic Properties that become blocks when using INSERT unless you save them in the BE and then Insert these into the Container File. If you do this you need to be thinking Tool Palettes.

-That being said this works well if you are going to have one file: one block; which is what you seem to want.

WBLOCK is the way to go if the Block is already Created, Named, and present in a Drawing. Pick the Block works here when using WBLOCK. This allows me to drop the Block in from Design Center and have it perform as anticipated.


If you plan on creating Families of DynBlk's: i.e. Single, Double, Triple, etc Windows, then you need to save each as a Block in that Window File and go about (what I think is easiest) placing them on a Tool Palette.


I believe I just wrote a Help file entry that makes no sense at all.



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