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autocad LT 2008 - windows 7 crashes while closing drawings.

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05-28-2012 08:04 AM

autocad LT 2008 on windows 7 platform


after using this with only minor crashes for the last year I have now got problems with closing drawings which then locks autocad up and if someone else opens the file in the same program on windows xp then it crashes there program too while closing. I have tried redraw the drawing model file and produce a new drawing sheet exactly the same but it still crashes on saving of the file and have now noticed that any drawing i'm creating now does exactly the same. I have also completely reinstalled autocad LT 2008 to try to fix this problem but with no success. Has there been an update either with windows 7 or autocad that might have caused this problem and could anyone please advise on how to resolve this problem as I am now left with a computer thats useless to draw upon and rather not install an older version of windows just to resolve this problem after it running fine for over a year now.



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Re: autocad LT 2008 - windows 7 crashes while closing drawings.

05-29-2012 04:48 AM in reply to: jinight

Your own comment may be the solution:

What changed on the computer prior to the problem?


Go into system restore and see if there is a Windows update, generally a .NET, or have there been any programs added to the system?

Do you use Symantec products by chance? Any update there?


It may be worth rolling back the System Restore to prior to the problem.


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Re: autocad LT 2008 - windows 7 crashes while closing drawings.

05-29-2012 05:31 AM in reply to: Charles_Shade
Thanks for your response,
I have rolled back the system to 4 weeks ago when I never had a problem with the computer and that hasn't resolved the problem, I have also removed AVG and the problem still exists.
Nothing that I can see has changed so I'm a little bamboozled as to what the problem is. Windows 7 does update a lot but with system restore does that roll back to before these updates were installed? if so then it isn't windows 7 that is causing the problem. I have also tried to run AutoCAD LT 2008 in safe mode but the program itself won't execute opening in safe made.
Also once the program crashes on shutting drawings it also makes them corrupt and if I open them on AutoCAD LT 2008 on a computer that doesn't have windows 7 on then the file also crashes their computer in a similar fashion making the drawing completely unusable.
With what you are saying it looks likely that either I have to downgrade my operating system or update my AutoCAD package throughout the office then, is this correct?
James Inight
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Re: autocad LT 2008 - windows 7 crashes while closing drawings.

05-29-2012 05:55 AM in reply to: jinight

What else changed? I noticed you mention file coruption too. Did you reset the way LT2008 saves or something similar?


LT2008 is not supported in Win7: in case you did not know. Are you using Win7-64bit or Win7-32bit?


Windows 7 has built in tools that may shed light on what is causing the crashes, usually a DLL that got replace. Tricky to put back unless you truly uninstall LT2008, restart Windows, run a registry cleaner on your system to eliminate all issues found, and reinstall LT2008 and answer yes to all files being replaced: I would take the extra step and remove all .NET programs from your PC while you uninstall LT2008.


If that DLL is not touced by the installation, you might have to do other things: but you must identify the reason for the crashes first by getting your Win7 to tell you what that is... .


- Find out what's causing Win7 reliability issues (crashes or application hangs) type reliability in the Instant Search bar to open the Reliability Monitor; it will show your system's reliability history over a period of time and what seems to hit your reliability the most.
- See a system diagnostic of your computer in Win7: Either go to Administrative Tools, then to Performance Monitor, and finally to Data Collector Sets to launch the System Diagnostic DCS, or simply open up an administrator command prompt and type perfmon /report.



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