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*Rudolph, Dietmar
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Already zoomed out as far as possible?

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09-20-1999 11:02 AM
>With some drawings AutoCAD comes up with the following error:
>"Already zoomed out as far as possible"
>But that is not the case, its possible to zoom out much more.


you can zoom out (almost) infinitely from your drawing by entering the
ZOOM command. However, if you transparently zoom out (using the
real-time zoom or a mouse wheel), there is a limit. AutoCAD's zoom
command keeps an internal image of the current view (and it's
surroundings). This is called the 'display list'. Real-time zoom and
pan only zoom as long as the screen image is still in the display
list. If you try to zoom out more, AutoCAD first needs to recalculate
a larger display list. This is done automatically by the ZOOM and
Regen commands.

Dietmar Rudolph

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*Meadowcroft, Lee
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Re: Already zoomed out as far as possible?

10-06-1999 01:30 PM in reply to: *Rudolph, Dietmar
Have you tried doing a quick regen when you are zoomed out as far as
possible, this happens to me when zooming out a lot.
It allows you to zoom out further, then when told that you cant zoom any
further out, regen again.
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