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Re: Aligning multiple objects

10-19-2012 12:27 PM in reply to: pendean

Well, say what you want but I happen to LIKE the wuss way! :smileywink: And to the last poster: if that is too tedious for you well, not sure what to say. Not really a big deal. If you need that type of alignment then plan for it and its even a lesser issue than above! 

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Re: Aligning multiple objects

11-26-2012 06:57 AM in reply to: cooldster

This doesn't solve the problem of moving multiple objects at once as you can do in Illustrator and Quark for example. You're still just moving one object at a time. What if you are trying to line up 20, or 100 objects?

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Re: Aligning multiple objects

11-26-2012 10:34 AM in reply to: EUGENERIEL2527

The solution may be full AutoCAD and some lispcustomization: others LT does not ofmuch any other option similar to the other programs. If you believe it does, please post a DWG with what you wish to do in it and include instructions on you desired final result.

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Re: Aligning multiple objects

12-19-2012 12:47 PM in reply to: SteveAB

The way I align multiple objects is I choose which object I want the rest to line up with and SELECT that object and right-click Properties and under the Geometry tab I highlight the Position X for example 692'-9 7/8" and I copy that number.


Then I SELECT all of the objects I want to align, I right-click and select Properties, then under Geometry I paste in a value for the Position X  692'-9 7/8" and I Leave the Position Y as *VARIES*.  And thats it.  


That will make all of your object align vertically on the y-axis.  Don't try to use the mouse to set the Position X because all of your Position Y will also use the point you click on.  It's something Autodesk could fix but no big deal, i just paste the numbers in the Position X.  


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