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Re: Adobe 9 Standard PDF query

01-15-2013 01:23 AM in reply to: jtmcn

Just to add an extra bit of info. Adobe are now giving away CS2 for free. That has Acrobat 8 pro in it, and when I installed it on someone's machine at work it said "Install Autocad Drivers"

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Re: Adobe 9 Standard PDF query

01-15-2013 09:48 AM in reply to: hwalker

Careful with that.  The official Adobe stance is that is *only* to support activation for users who have previously purchased a license.  While they are unlikely to legally go after "oh goody, FREE!" downloaders at this point it would probably be best to respect the intentions if not the technical implementation.

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Re: Adobe 9 Standard PDF query

01-15-2013 12:50 PM in reply to: dgorsman

To add to the comment above: a software audit for licenses will not pass those recent "free" Adobe downloads unless you actually own and have purcshed the packaged CS2 license back in the day.

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