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2004 LT on a dead hard drive...

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10-01-2012 07:48 AM my hard drive is mostly dead.  It completely shut down on me but I managed to get it temporarily working again via the freezer trick, and I've kept it running long enough to get a clone made on an external drive...but I can't seem to get AutoCAD to run from the external drive when I plug that drive into another computer.  The program will fire up and run while it's plugged into the somehow-still-running computer with the mostly-dead hard drive, but I get an error message that says AutoCAD is missing a .dll file whenever I try to run it on the laptop.  It also suggets re-installing the program, but the issue here is that I don't have my 2004 LT disk anymore; where it's gone is anyone's guess.


So, questions: shouldn't the cloned drive contain everything that's needed to run the program?  How on earth do I transfer the program from one drive to another?  I've got another internal drive that's sitting here ready to be installed, but until I can get the program safely moved onto an external drive I can't shut the computer down to install the new internal hard may never come back on.


Any help is much appreciated.

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Re: 2004 LT on a dead hard drive...

10-01-2012 11:56 AM in reply to: Sundowner

The Clone/External Drive is not Drive C:

The program is looking for a DLL on Drive C:

Most likely the issue.


Location coding is based on program installation, not any other program that comes later and moves it all around.

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