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Trimble & attributes on feature codes

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12-16-2003 07:34 AM
Background: We have the new ACU faceplate for Trimble but we don't have TGO software. (We were assured we didn't need it.) We're using LDD 3.0 and v. 10.7 of the Survey Controller software. The problem: We need to put attributes on our feature codes and we are unable to enter those directly into the faceplate. We don't want to spend a lot of $$ on TGO just to put attributes on our point codes. (We can do everything we need in LDD.) We were told we could set up the feature code library in LDD but no one can tell us exactly how. (They're learning as they go too.) :smileyhappy: Does anyone know how I can set up attributes on our point codes from LDD? Thanks! -Kirsten
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Re: Trimble & attributes on feature codes

12-16-2003 09:37 AM in reply to: *Kirsten
Hi Kristen,

If you are speaking of Trimbles menu driven attribute system, I highly doubt if LDD could properly deal with them, even if you could set it up. The feature library would need to be based on a description key library, which is pretty limited as far as using parameters ( sort of attributes). This would be collected using your single line feature coding ( ie . tree oak 7).

Trimbles software reads these attributes and sticks them in MS Access tables ( of course you would need the Trimble software). You could use Map to query in the attributes ( like a GIS).

I do not believe this can be done directly in LDD. All I can suggest is set up a Description key and figure prefix library, export it using the Trimble Link software, upload it and see what you got.

The other thing you could pursue is find someone who had the software ( Trimble), set up the library, and upload it for you ( a one time operation). I still don't know how LDD would deal with the stored attributes.

Good luck.
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Re: Trimble & attributes on feature codes

12-17-2003 04:53 AM in reply to: *Kirsten
You need to talk with your Trimble vendor, If they told you, that it was possible it is their responsibility to show you. I don't think you can edit or create a FCL/DDF from LDD. We have to use TGO Utilities.
If you find a way please forward.

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Re: Trimble & attributes on feature codes

12-31-2003 09:09 AM in reply to: *Kirsten
How is the download process going for you? We have recently purchased Trimble equipment. I am finding it difficult to get the data downloaded how I like. I was using Geopak software previously and found downloading easier. I believe LDD should be able to handle most things in a similar fashion. I am getting my blocks and linework to come in but it is taking a lot of manual editing of the files.

Do your surveyors use alpha codes of numeric codes in the field? ex. 310.1 is begin line on layer 310
310.5 is end line on layer 310.

I am asking for your input as a user of the software all the support people have not been able to help me at this point.
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