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*Comerford, Laurie
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10-21-2003 06:41 AM in reply to: *Beverly
Hi Beverley,

The only software I know which can display without a frame of the software
itself is Powerpoint when you use it to display a Slide Show. You may be
able to put your view of the photos into a Powerpoint Slide Show (1 view per


Laurie Comerford

"Beverly" wrote in message
> Hi Tim,
> You must be reading my mind!
> I have the drawing file and the snapshots located in the same directory.
> would be really nice if Express Viewer supported hyperlinks.
> My dilemma is that the aerial photograph us quire large and I was
> if the image would lose its quality when zoomed in close enough to read
> photo locations. I will try it and see.
> Also, when you did something similar, were you able to control the size of
> the hyperlink view? Is it possible to view the snapshots without viewing
> IE Explorer Interface?
> --
> Beverly S. Carriere
> BevLynn Designs
> "Tim Reed" wrote in message
> > I think you can make this work using LDD.
> >
> > The thing about wanting to put this on a CD though makes me think you
> to
> > look into relative links for your hyperlinks.
> > If you keep your drawing file and your snapshots files in the same
> > structure, or snapshots in a subfolder, then you can use the
> > "../photos/imagename_1.jpg" as a path for the hyperlink. That way the
> relative
> > structure of the hyperlinks will work regardless of being on the CD or
> your
> > own local C drive.
> >
> > I did something similar to this for a webpage and used Map to produce
> > webpage using the "publish to web" command. If I remember right, the
> hyperlinks
> > came through just fine to the webpage. You may want to look into that
> well
> > as maybe all your clients don't have ACAD.
> >
*Willems, Byron
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Re: New Project Suggestions Desired

10-22-2003 04:35 AM in reply to: *Beverly
Have you tried setting up a database through map>objectdata>. As I recall,
this method allows you to specify what application to use when opening the
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10-22-2003 05:04 AM in reply to: *Beverly
I finally got it to work, almost exactly as I wanted. The key for me was
having the photos in the same directory as the drawing and converting the
Mr. Sid aerial photo image to tiff format. I attached the snap shots with
hyperlinks and published to DWF. I still can't figure out how to get IE
without the entire interface, but that's ok at this point.

You guys are great! Thanks for all the advice.

Byron, once I get the concept approved, I will try your suggestion,
especially if I can get rid of the interface and only display the snap shot

Beverly S. Carriere
BevLynn Designs

"Byron Willems" wrote in message
> Have you tried setting up a database through map>objectdata>. As I
> this method allows you to specify what application to use when opening the
> photo.
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