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New Autocad Problem Occurring

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02-12-2013 09:00 AM

I have Autocad Land Desktop 2007.  Recently I have been experiencing some new problems. 


1.  Drawing a line from point A to point B Autocad sometimes inserts a small line on it's on while snapping to point B.

2.  The move command may suddenly drop the command while dragging the object to it's new location and place the object somewhere between the original position and the new position.

3.  The layer pull down pallet sometimes begins to open when I click on it but stops and I may have to click on it 3 or 4 times before it stays open to make a selection.

4.  The 3 point arc command sometimes automatically inserts the second point on it own and not where I want it to be.

5.  The curser often seems to jump (or ghost image) somewhere else on the screen before displaying where I actually have it located.  This is very quick and happens like a flicker.  In other words...the curser is smooth but flickers somewhere else at times.


My program was running smooth with no problems until a week or so ago when this started.  I ran my virus scan and did not detect anything.  It's like Autocad has lost it's mind at times.  HELP!!!

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