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Re: No way to buy from outside the US?

05-16-2010 08:16 AM in reply to: Exmateria

Hi District6,

Sorry to see that you are having troubles with the installation. From the log, that's because the ZIP file you downloaded is broken. Please use "Tools > Internet Options... > Delete... > Delete Files" to delete the cached ZIP file and try the installation again.


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Re: No way to buy from outside the US?

05-16-2010 04:51 PM in reply to: Exmateria
I'm in Sydney, Australia and keen to purchase when it's available.

I also had same installation error, but restarted the install with WINZIP already open and it restarted where it had left off and completed successfully.
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Re: No way to buy from outside the US?

09-04-2010 09:04 PM in reply to: gxcartemis

I live in Australia , I used a lot of different programs before I tried freestyle. I want to buy it, but was very disappointed that this was not possible.

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Re: No way to buy from outside the US?

09-05-2010 02:39 AM in reply to: Exmateria

I live in Belgium and because of that I am not allowed to pay for this program.

This is very stupid and strange, I don't understand why that is so difficult: it's just a download and key by mail!

Why do you let us download the trail then in the first place? Just issue an IP block like all the other stupid sites or at least  place a big fat sign on the download page with "non US-citizens beware: you cannot buy the full version".


Now I have a program on my computer that because the trail is expired, does nothing. A program that is clearly still in beta but still I want to pay for it, because for now I can live with the shortcomings. The early adopter price of 49$ seems fair.

But you guys don't want my money... because I don't live in the 'right' country...


You guys do know that internet is global ... right?!



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Re: No way to buy from outside the US?

09-28-2010 03:03 AM in reply to: Exmateria

Is there any progress on being able to buy in the UK.


I appreciate that you are a small business and this takes a lot of legal work/ person hours to do.


Have you thought about outsourcing this as I am sure like me a lot of people want this programme especially as the functions are second to none and with tablets coming onto the market this is a consultants dream.


I am really stuck without it. Fed up using pencil and paper as nothing else on the market does what i need desperately.

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Re: No way to buy from outside the US?

10-14-2010 02:29 AM in reply to: Exmateria

I am from Australia. Why can't we buy Freestyle? There is supposed to be a FREE TRADE agreement between Australia and the US! Why do the US government stop you from selling it to us here?  I think that restriction breaks the agreement.

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Re: No way to buy from outside the US - Down Under

12-03-2010 01:41 AM in reply to: crounsl

Hi Lisa


I ordered a boxed version of Freestyle ex Oregon USA (home) to take with me to Australia as a key resource for a tempory assignment I have for 6 months.  I wont be taking my PC (new laptop waiting for me) and I need to be certain that I can load/use Freestyle once I get there. 


I am alarmed at reading that many have bought this software only to find the 'fine print' that it is not useable outside USA and Canada. 


I have invested a lot of time in learning this product both on the trial version and with colleagues that have this software and cannot see the point in learning another package when our company has standardised on Autocad.


I bought Freestyle as an American, in the USA and at a loss to understand why I cannot use it during my travels.  Clearly I could have used it down under if I travelled with my old laptop ...... as I am sure many do.


I would apprecaite understanding why Autocad is limiting this fine product to just 2 countries.


Could you please give a date for Freestyles international release?


Could you also confirm that Autocad will honor those 'boxed' purchases, that have found their way overseas and 'apparently' cannot be used .......... once the product is released for interational sale?  


Regards, Nancy

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Re: No way to buy from outside the US?

12-21-2010 11:56 PM in reply to: luckyxumin

Hi All


Like many, I would love to see Freestyle available for sale outside the US.


I run a small design & build firm in the UK and after using the trial for a short period I decided that Freestyle would be absolutely ideal for my work.


Sadly I have had to resort to using alternative software which is a bit time consuming but seems to be paying off pretty well.


I would still like to see Freestyle on these shores one day, but I'm sure you'll appreciate that many people in my position just cannot keep on waiting.


Best regards



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