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Multiple points print size

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10-07-2012 11:03 AM

Hi to everyone,

i'm an arhitecture student, and for my thesis in historic preservation of a castle i use a large number of points to caraterize the stones. In video it's all ok, but when i print, the points are so small that i almost don't see them.

I've tried to change the dimension trough the ddptype dialog, using a positive value and changing it in "absolute units", and of course using a lineweight in the points layer, but nothing change, and the points are too small.

What i've to do?



I've attached the two version of the same selection, one taken on video, the other one is the printed version.

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Re: Multiple points print size

10-10-2012 12:54 AM in reply to: Royander

I've found the solution.

The problem is in AutoCAD for Mac, maybe in the porting of the software on OSX platform.

I've tried to change lineweight of points simply on their layer properties and it worked.

That's all.

I've written it, just for other people in my condition, i hope somebody will do something to solve this problem.

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