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AutoCAD 2011 - Mac

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09-14-2012 01:51 AM



Very very much doubt this will have any effect, but what has happend to support for 2011, seems like we've been left out to hang in the wind.


All those people whom where very happy to get this first release are so dissapointed, even after 3 (4 if you count the pan / zoom hotfix) patch that AutoDesk seems not to be bothered about this product or it support.


While I understand that this is now a old product!!!!!!! the level of support is shocking, no great suprise when you look at look at the flagship product 2013!!!! (love the dates on these) and see that Autodesk have only got a beta release just out there!!!!.


come on Autodesk step up to the plate and perform have you have in the past.

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Re: AutoCAD 2011 - Mac

09-14-2012 07:37 AM in reply to: 182cadman

This behaviour is very consistent with AutoDesk, and numerous other companies.  AutoDesk hasn't released anything new for AutoCAD 2011 for a couple of years now on the Win side as well.  I don't see many other software vendors offering maintenance upgrades on 4 year old software either, aside from upgrades to the latest release.

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Re: AutoCAD 2011 - Mac

09-14-2012 08:20 AM in reply to: 182cadman

The Mac version of 2011 was released late September 2010 so the product is barely two years old, given the cost of the version you would at least expect some legacy support.


Let us not forget that this version was bloody awful and users whom paid good money are now left with a heavy price to pay to upgrade to a newer version 2013 (love the year thing) that is at present STILL not supported on the current operating system. It beggers the mind to think that Auotdesk think this level of support is acceptable!!!!



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