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2012 LTU

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11-09-2011 01:08 PM

Has anyone had any luck with transferring a license with the LTU for 2012? Everytime I try I get this same error message in Terminal App:


Last login: Wed Nov  9 15:47:02 on ttys000
XXX:~ XXX$ /Applications/Autodesk/AutoCAD\ 2012/License\ Transfer\ Utility ; exit;
bash: /Applications/Autodesk/AutoCAD 2012/License Transfer Utility: Permission denied

[Process completed]


I'm running OS 10.6.8. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: 2012 LTU

11-09-2011 06:44 PM in reply to: SAAarchitects
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Re: 2012 LTU

11-10-2011 10:30 AM in reply to: SAAarchitects
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