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Help acquiring Express Tools - have menu but no functionality

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09-20-2012 04:39 AM

So, just learned about this today - the addition of which seems epic.  Wow do I want what Express Tools has.  This all started with my desire to use the txt2mtxt command - but the idea of Superhatch has me salivating.  Problem is getting it to load. 


What I saw first, and thus did first, was to go to Menuload... find the cuix file, and load Express.  Done.  So now I can see the icons in Autocad, but when I click on them it says "unknown command".  So clearly something didn't load all the way.


Second, I've looked online at the Autocad tutorial and see how to go into Control Panel-> Programs -> Modify -> Add Express Tools.  I got partway through that... far enough to click on the checkbox next to Express Tools and ask the program to do its thing.  The installer halted, though, and said it couldn't find the source -  be it a cd-rom or an external drive.  We got our program mailed to us on a thumbdrive.  Does this mean I have to insert the thumbdrive when I'm doing this process?  Why, I don't know, but that makes me hesitate a bit.


Thanks for any help.  Would *love* to use Express Tools.



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Re: Help acquiring Express Tools - have menu but no functionality

09-21-2012 02:27 PM in reply to: jmldg

So what AutoCAD version do you have? Unless it's something very old, Express Tools are on the installation disk: or in your case the thumbdrive, so plug that sucker in and re-run the installation and hunt for that hidden check-box to get them installed.


Are you on subscirption too?

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