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AutoCAD Express Tools

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Autocrat MEP Express Tools

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03-10-2011 10:49 AM

I had express tools loaded, but now I have a problem. I try downloading Auto CAD True View, but did not get it to

work, since then I have been getting unknown Command "txt2mtxt" now none of my commands work. I try auto cad

repair from the install program and it still does not work. I need some help.




Rudy Jarrett

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Re: Autocrat MEP Express Tools

03-10-2011 11:23 AM in reply to: rudolph.jarrett

Rudy, run CUILOAD and see if EXPRESS is listed. If not, then browse to and load 'acetmain.cuix' in the Support folder where acad.cuix is located. If that still doesn't work, then run 'Add or Remove Features' for your AutoCAD MEP from the control panel and reload Express Tools. If it's already checked, then uncheck to unload, then recheck to reload.

Bob Felton
Autodesk Product Support
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