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*Wojtynek, Steve
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Aclyutil.arx still work?

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09-28-2001 01:24 AM
The first time I tried to plot in Acad2000 I was
ill for a week.  (What were they thinking?  OK, new business). 
Back then, I happened upon a set of routines in something called
Aclyutil.arx (downloaded it from somewhere) that included
PAGEOUT.  This routine would take all the stuff you
filled in those 20 or 30 windows and radio buttons in the AutoCAD Plot
Dialog Box, and write it all to a groovy little Script file that looked
something like this: 


(setq expert (getvar
"EXPERT"))(setvar "EXPERT" 2)
"C:\Program Files\AutoCAD
(setvar "EXPERT"






You could then run one of a bunch of these Scripts
from a Pulldown Menu full of command lines like:


[HP 1055 BW -


I was very happy for about a year and a half until
I started using Acad2002 this month.  I can't seem to get those scripts to
work anymore.  I might be missing something obvious, But I'd rather assume
that AutoDesk stumped me with some variation of the order of the command line
steps that used to work fine in Acad2000 and Acad2000i.  (Either that or
they dumped another "command line option" for some command this script


Anybody out there using
Aclyutil.arx's Script Files with any success on

Can anybody find the errors in this process
(relative to Acad2002)?
*Payne, John
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Re: Aclyutil.arx still work?

09-29-2001 01:31 AM in reply to: *Wojtynek, Steve
Maybe not the answer you were looking for, Steve,
but immediately springing to mind is a scenario where
you run the script a line at a time at the command line
until you get an error message...and adjust it
until it completes.
You can then scroll back thru the successful command
line interpretations using up arrow...copying and pasting
them back into the script.
As it's entered in your that the way it comes
in the utility? Some of the lines need to be combined into
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