AutoCAD Express Tools

AutoCAD Express Tools

*Alessi, Marc'Antonio
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A2k2 and Express Tools (2°)

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09-29-2001 01:48 PM
In A2k I load Express Tools only when I need it with:

(load "acettest.fas")

see acad2000doc.lsp:
;; Silent load for the Express Tools.
;; Altering this line will affect Express Tools functionality
(load "acettest.fas" (princ))

Now I have upgraded to A2k2 and I want to load
Express Tools manually but I can not.

Express is loaded when I start AutoCAD or open a drawing
even if acetmain.mnu is not loaded and there are no routines
that load 'acettest.fas'.
I see the message :
"AutoCAD Express Tools Copyright © 2000 Autodesk, Inc."

I have renamed acetlodr.arx everything seems works good:

I believe that in A2k I do not had the file acetlodr.arx
but I am not sure.

1) What is acetlodr.arx for?
2) How can I load all the Express files only if I need?
Is it right to rename or delete acetlodr.arx?

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