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A fix for when masked text is blacked out on a Xerox Printer

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12-20-2011 06:32 AM

My printer was printing out masked texted with a black background. This was actually happening to any computer that printed to the printer from AutoCad that was on our network. This is what I did to fix it and it has worked perfectly.


AutoCad 2008:


  • Go to Plot
  • Click properties with printer selected
  • Click custom properties
  • Click color options
  • Under Automatic-> click the down arrow
  • Switch from automatic to custom
  • Click down arrow under text & graphics
  • Click none

I beleive this works because autocad is looking to at the masked as a white image which it wants to print out black. So if you switch it to automatically won't switch it.


Hope it works for you too!

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