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wire numbers

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07-20-2012 03:14 AM

I need two (or) more wires to join at a terminal or component and retain separate wire numbers as they come or goto different parts of a system... can anyone help me please?





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Re: wire numbers

07-20-2012 07:10 AM in reply to: grahamLewis2010

Hi Graham,

when selecting a terminal from the icon menu, make sure that you select a terminal with a wire number change :smileywink:


Hope this helps.

Regards, Gary

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Re: wire numbers

07-20-2012 07:45 AM in reply to: CAD-ICE

hi Gary,


Thanks for the response.. :smileyhappy: yes the problem I have is where wires join at a terminal or peice of equipment coming from different places I don't want to redifine all of my blocks.. 


I can see the ACADe logic but.. 



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Re: wire numbers

07-20-2012 11:39 AM in reply to: grahamLewis2010



That only works with wires that are on opposite sides of the terminal.




I am not sure what you want is possible. The software uses special attributes to control what the wire number is on a specific termination and there is only one attribute per wire connection.


You are allowed to have different wire layers coming out of the same side of a terminal though. This allows you to set up for different wires in the same side.


Maybe one of the others have a work around.

Bob Hanrahan
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Re: wire numbers

07-22-2012 07:15 PM in reply to: testsubject

I have that problem occasionally with some clients wanting an earth numbered differently from a neutral on CT's.


My workaround is to draw all the wires but don't connect the extra wires to the terminal straight away.

Then I go through and number the wires and set the numbers to fixed.

Next I draw a line between the end of the wire and the terminal on the same layer as the wire you are connecting.


DO NOT use the insert wire command for this as it will cause problems.


Finally, I do a full project rebuild/refresh including wire processing.


This does loose some of the functionality of ACADE in regards to the wire numbering but you can't have it all.


Regards Brad

Icemanau (NNTP handle: Brad Coleman)

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Re: wire numbers

07-23-2012 07:55 AM in reply to: grahamLewis2010

Hi Graham


There is a workaround for terminals on components (not stand-alone, though I suppose it could be adapted) which feels OK, but does involve modifying existing symbols - perhaps of use for future symbol creation ?


1 :  Create a 2nd X?TERMnn adjacent to the 1st for that terminal (One grid minor increment away, so that the 2nd wire snaps neatly). e.g. if terminal already has X4TERM03, then add X4TERM13 (assuming …13 has not been used elswhere in the symbol - if it has, pick some other number that hasn’t been used yet).


2 :  Create corresponding TERM13, containing same value as TERM03 (‘03’ in attached example), then make it invisible.


3 :  Insert symbol, then draw wires to the two adjacent connection points and number them.


Component now has Wire xxxx on terminal 03 (visible value in TERM03), and Wire yyyy on terminal 03 (invisible value in TERM13).


Thus a Component Wire List report will now show the correct tally of wires terminating at that component.


ps Good to ensure that whatever graphic defines the terminal (screw-head, box etc.) is sited to make it plain on the schematic that both wires go to the same place




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