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% values for components, wire #'s etc... in AutoCAD Electrical 2012

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12-12-2011 07:03 AM

Can anyone give me, a list of what the % values, in component tagging, wire tagging, & cross references are?


Examples are %A, %F, %S, %N


I don't know what each value is referenced too.

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Re: % values for components, wire #'s etc... in AutoCAD Electrical 2012

12-13-2011 01:46 PM in reply to: imoneluckyman

In the dialogs were you can specify these replaceable parameters, there is a "help" button. This will take you _almost_ directly to what you need :smileyhappy:

For device tagging, cross-referencing and wire numbering
Defined in the Drawing Properties.

 Component family code string (for example, "PB," "SS," "CR," "FLT," "MTR")
 Sheet number of the drawing (for example, "01" entered in upper right)
 Drawing number
 Wire layer name
 Sequential or Reference-based number applied to the component
 Suffix character position for reference-based tagging (not present = end of tag)
 IEC-style project code (default for drawing)
 IEC-style installation code (default for drawing)
 IEC-style location code (default for drawing)
 Project drawing list's SEC value for active drawing
 Project drawing list's SUB-SEC value for active drawing

The %L and %I values used for cross-referencing are the Drawing Default Location and Installation values from the corresponding Parent or Child drawing and not the Location and Installation values of the component itself.If you have a Parent on a drawing that has a default Location of “M” and its child is on a drawing that has a default Location value of “MC,” the cross-referencing on the parent shows the “MC” (drawing default location value of the drawing the child is on) and the child shows the “M” (drawing default location value of the drawing the parent is on) no matter what the location value is on either the parent or child.

NoteIf you include %I or %L in the Tag code of the component, you are prompted to recalculate the tag if you change the Installation or Location value of the component once it is inserted.
Example of Component Tags

(For relay number 50 on sheet 3)

%F%S%N = CR350

%F%N = CR50

%F-%S-%N = CR-3-50

(For 3 push buttons on line reference 101 using reference-based tagging)

%F%N = PB101, PB101A,PB101B

%N-%F = 101-PB, 101-PBA,101-PBB

%N%X%F = 101-PB, 101A-PB,101B-PB

Example of Wire Number Formats

(For wire number 50 on sheet 3)

%S/%N = 3/50

%N = 50

W-%S%N = W-350

For defining wire annotation and graphical terminal strips
 Terminal pin text
 Terminal pin TERMDESC text
 IEC-style installation code
 IEC-style location code
 Mount assignment (on panel footprint equivalent)
 Group assignment (on panel footprint equivalent)
 Wire number
 Cable tag + conductor/core color combination (format is "tag-color")
 Cable tag
 Cable conductor/core color
 Cable tag substituted for wire number if cable tag is non-blank. 

The wire number is displayed when a cable ID does not exist.
 Wire color/gauge (or wire layer name)
 Cable wire color substituted for wire number if cable color is non-blank. 

The wire layer is displayed when a wire conductor in conjunction with a cable ID does not exist.
 Terminal strip terminal pin assignment
 Terminal strip TERMDESC text - useful for multi-stack terminals
 Destination component tag ID. You can use only one of the (%number) parameters.
 Equivalent of "%1:%P" (comp tag:term)
 Equivalent of "%1:%P:%D" (comp tag:term:termdesc)
 Equivalent of "%L%1" (IEC comp tag)
 Equivalent of "%L%1:%P" (tag:term)
 Equivalent of "%L%1:%P:%D" (tag:term:termdesc)
 Equivalent of "%I%I%1" (INST prefix+IEC comp tag)
 Equivalent of "%I%L%1:%P" (tag:term)
 Equivalent of "%I%L%1:%P:%D" (tag:term:termdesc)

The part after the colon(:) is suppressed if the value is blank in %2 - %9 parameters (for example, %2=comp tag:term). The ":term" part is suppressed if blank.



Trond Hasse Lie
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Re: % values for components, wire #'s etc... in AutoCAD Electrical 2012

06-28-2012 05:44 PM in reply to: rhesusminus

Wow! That is a really useful list. I'm playing around with some of the wire number codes. I have a client who requires the wire number format to be the from/to information. So for example: a wire between  Control Panel 2, Terminal Strip 1, Terminal 3 to Control Panel 5, Terminal Strip 3, Terminal 4 (CP2:TS-3/CP-5:TS-4).  Is this kind of format achievable?

I tried with these codes, but I keep getting the attached error message. It looks as if you are locked-in to using the %N format as the base, and then adding extra codes, but I don't think that would give me the desired result.

Anyone have ideas?  

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