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Split TAG - changing the way it works

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03-15-2012 08:37 AM



I've came across a problem about the way Autocad Electrical handles split TAGs.  It seems that it will try to find himself how to split them, and it introduces some randomness in the process.


Yes, we can put some TAGn_PARTX default value in the block, and Autocad will split it when it discovers this character.  For example, if we use "/" as default split character, this character will be used as split location as long as there is one found in the tag.  But, for example, if we rename CB5/1-1 to CB5, the "/" is gone, so ACADE will "try" to find another split location, and finally will split the tag between "B" and "5".


This is bad for us.  We want the split to be done only at the "/", but nowhere else.  In this case, ACADE should leave CB5 in TAGx_PART1, but nothing in the other two attributes, so the tag will be visible on only one line.


There should be also a way to tell ACADE at which "/" to do the split.  For example, the TAG name "51/86x/1-1"  represents an auxiliary relay that monitors overload (51/86) on the breaker 1-1.  We would like the split between the function (51/86)  and the breaker name.  I admit that Autocad cannot know what is the format of a breaker name.  But, it seems that in our history, the rare situation where we use split tag is when we use auxiliary relays for monitoring breakers, or something like that.

In all case, We would like ACADE to split the tag at the last "/".  BUT, it split automatically at the first "/".  There is no solution about using another character - "51/86\1-1" will not be esthetically correct.

So, there should be a parameter in ACADE that let us to tell ACADE to use ONLY (or not only) one character as split location, and at which occurence.  this parameter should be in project properties.


Could it be a good idea to include this functionality ?


Additionally, ACADE should let us decide if we want the tag recentered in the space normally occupied by the 2 split tag attributes, if there is only one filled.  It is useful, for example, with the coil symbol.


In the meantime, i've added the functionality myself by overloading hidden API... but if everybody here could have access to that without "pirating" the original function...  that should be interesting.

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Re: Split TAG - changing the way it works

03-16-2012 10:40 AM in reply to: jean.renaud.grimard

OK, it seems that there is cases where the split should occur at the first "/", so we are getting to a dead-end... but, taking the example of "IGE-XAO - See Electrical Expert", their solution is to provide two edit fields, one for the "function" of the relay/contact, and one for the other part of the name.  I think that developing team should go that way by providing clearly two edit fields for the TAG (inside the edit dialog) instead of just one.


Or maybe, the edit dialog should provide only one textfield which allows a carriage-return inside.  That carriage return would show clearly where the split should occur, then that carriage return would be replaced by some character for output into the wiring diagram.  that character should be pre-determined by a project setting... in my case, a slash.


And, another functionality to add, there should be a way of allowing attributes (especially TAG, INST, LOC) to be underlined or overlined, without the drawback of ACADE thinking that "%%UTAG" is not the same thing that "TAG"...

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