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Specify alternate ace_PLC database file?

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01-19-2013 04:39 PM

It seems like you can only specify one ACE_PLC.mdb file, but I'd like to work on a copy of one without disturbing the 'master' that others are using, is that possible to specify the ACE_PLC on a by-project basis that I'm missing somewhere? I saw a post that stated the following, but it seems that would change the default look-to paths for all files, not just the ACE_PLC file. I guess the alternative would be to try adding a special path in the wd.env and put only the ACE_PLC file in that folder.

any suggestions welcome...thanks.


old post suggestion:

"To change the "Ace_plc.mdb" file that is looked at by Autocad you will need to change your "WD.ENV" file to read the following: WD_ACADPATHFIRST,1,if 1 then check ACAD path first before AutoCAD Electrical paths
Then put the "Ace_plc.mdb" file in a folder path that is looked first according to the options settings "Support file search path" of your AutoCAD Profile."

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Re: Specify alternate ace_PLC database file?

01-19-2013 06:52 PM in reply to: iomaxx

I've tried to add a search path in the *.wdp project file, but no luck.


You can always copy and paste new modules in the ACE_PLC.mdb rather than having two separate database files.



Copy and past an Allen-Bradley module such as "1769-IA16" using the PLC Database File Editor and rename it to "iomaxx_1769-IA16". You will then have the option to select either one.


Hint: Use your right-mouse button to perform the copy and paste functions.



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Re: Specify alternate ace_PLC database file?

01-24-2013 11:04 AM in reply to: iomaxx

Hi Iomaxx,


If you want to have a database sandbox to play in, I would suggest copying the entire catalog structure.

That way you can do stuff in the other databases as well. Call it catalogs2 for this example.


Then path to the copy in your wd.env (environment) file. [C:\My Documents\AcadE 20xx\AeData\wd.env]

The default is: WD_CAT,%WD_DIR%/catalogs/,AE catalog file path

Where %wd_dir% is "C:\My Documents\AcadE 20xx\AeData\"


So, change the path to C:\My Documents\AcadE 20xx\AeData\catalogs2"

if it is on the network change C: to whatever your drive is.


I also suggest that you make a copy of the wd.env file... and link a test project to the wd.env file that you modify.


I hope this helps,




James Alger


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