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Source/Destination Arrows....

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10-01-2012 01:05 PM

Has anyone ever experienced the following with source and destination arrows.


I have a project with multiple schematics, and source destination arrows between sheets. 


The issue varies between all or just some references, but basically. If;


I create a new Source Arrow on sheet 3

I then go to sheet 4 and add a destination arrow,

I click Project in the dialog to select all arrows in the project.

(the issue with the same when only showing source/destination used or unused any combination to display all source arrows in the project). My source arrow shows on the list so I select it.

I then do not have the option to update the source (the button is greyed out) so I just click OK.

the destination shows a refernce to the source, but the source does not reference the destination (as I would expect)

Selecting either project wide or single update/retag crosrefernces on the source does not fix the cross reference.


Instead of just selecting the source from the list I first select freshen, then the source disappers from the list never to be seen again.


I have even closed the project and physically deleted the project database, to force it to be recreated. and still it does not work.


The only way to fix the issue, is to copy the project, renaming the wdp file, then all works normally.


Whilst I have fixed the issue I get this error frequently and would appreciate any advice from others.





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Re: Source/Destination Arrows....

11-01-2012 07:30 AM in reply to: mikewagstaffe

Did you ever find a solution to this problem? 

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Re: Source/Destination Arrows....

11-01-2012 12:44 PM in reply to: mikewagstaffe

No I never got it fixed, I have just resided to the fact that it is a bug on my system, and I have to create a renamed copy of the project every time I have the problem.

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Re: Source/Destination Arrows....

11-05-2012 08:44 PM in reply to: mikewagstaffe

Hi Mike


Please excuse me if I do not understand you problem.


My experience with Source/destination arrows is:


When I  add a Source arrow I can ONLY add a Destination arrow on the same page.


I tend to do all my Source arrows then the destination arrows.


I ensure that there are no wire numbers on the Destination wires when I add the Source arrows,


I believe that this function software routine needs some serious developement.


Hope this helps.


Cheers John QUigley





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Re: Source/Destination Arrows....

11-06-2012 02:37 PM in reply to: johnq

Johnq, Source/Destinations can be used between two different dwgs. Just reply no to inserting the destination arrow after inserting the source. Go to the drawing that requires the destination and insert a destination arrow there. Click on the Recent code or Project and select the relevant source arrow code from the list. Finally click on ok and update source to finish the process and update the source arrow.


Mike, have you tried inserting a different style of source/destination arrow and if so, does it affect the problem. I use style 1 arrows with no problems but have heard of some user made arrows having problems.


Regards Brad

Icemanau (NNTP handle: Brad Coleman)

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Re: Source/Destination Arrows....

11-06-2012 03:03 PM in reply to: mikewagstaffe

I have come across this problem once in a while. I try these 3 things to fix ref link:


1. Try to refresh the source arrow wire #. Do an "Insert Wire Numbers" on the wire connected to the source arrow. Then try the "Update Signal References" and/or "Insert Wire Numbers" on the destination page.

2. Copy the "code" attribute from the source arrow and manually paste it into the destination arrow.

3. Delete both the source and destination arrows and start from scratch (last resort).



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Re: Source/Destination Arrows....

11-07-2012 12:03 AM in reply to: electricman1



I am using the style 1 arrows, but have to say have not tried changing the arrow style, I will try this and see if it makes any difference.




Thanks, I have tired deleteing both the source and destination arrows and this never works, it even fails to work iff I create a completely new source arrow, and then add the destination on another sheet, you just cannot see the new source in the list. I also have not tried upadting the signal refferneces, or copying the code attribute. so will give those a go.


The really strange thing is a full database rebuild never fixes it, and even closing the project, then AutoCAD and then deleting the database for the project, then opening AutoCAd and the Project and the problem is still there.


The only way to fix the issue I have found is to copy the Project to another folder and rename the wdp File.


I don't know what this does above deleting the database, but some information is obviously held somewhere, pertaining to that project.


Thanks for the help, any more will be appreciated, to give you an Idea on my last project I made it from a  version with no letter to E so 6 copies of the same project at various stages.



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Re: Source/Destination Arrows....

11-07-2012 06:51 PM in reply to: mikewagstaffe

Hi Brad


Thanks for your reply.    I have tried your recomendation but I cant make it work.


I will stick to my "technique"  cumbersone  but it works.


Just for interest to you and Mike, I am using type 1 arrows.


Cheers John Q



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Re: Source/Destination Arrows....

11-19-2012 06:35 AM in reply to: mikewagstaffe

It sounds like one of the drawings may be getting removed from the active project so when you re-create the .wdp file the missing drawing gets added back into the active project which then allows the refresh to properly update the arrows. 


I have run into an issue where my drawing did not save as the drawing itself but as a .tmp file because of some other issues.  This caused lots of problems including some similar to yours.

Scott G. Sawdy
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