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PID & IEC Symbols

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05-02-2013 06:16 AM



I am trying to link my Electrical drawings to my P&ID in the same project. I have tried to set up the P&ID symbol as the parent and the IEC symbols in my electrical drawings as the child components. However when I try to link the child to the parent the P&ID parent is not listed as an option. Please can someone advise if this is possible.


Thanks & regards.


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Re: PID & IEC Symbols

05-02-2013 07:12 AM in reply to: STEVENAR

Hi Steve,


You actually need to use peer to peer connections.

In the edit component dialog box you will see "Tags Used:" Schematic and Panel. 

The electrical Component and The P&ID Component should have different tag names (but could be the same).


On the P&ID component go to "Tags Used Schematic", find the Electrical component.

(you may have to Flag "Show all components for all Families")

Next select Copy Tag.


ACADE peer to peer.png


The next part is the most important,


You want to make sure you select "WDTAGALT" (this is the Attribute Reserved for a peer connection) it will copy the Tag to the P&ID component. (see the screenshot below)


ACADE peer to peer 2.png


Now they are linked and you don't need any child or parent relationship.


Oh and sorry for posting this twice, the forum went crazy and auto posted this before I was finished...But I got to edit it atleast...LOL.


I hope this helps,


James Alger


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Re: PID & IEC Symbols

05-06-2013 08:08 AM in reply to: algerj

Hi James,


That works for me. However I need to carry other attributes over other than the tag, ie. description etc. Also how would both the P&ID and electrical symbols appear on a BOM. Would they appear as a single instrument? Is it not possible to set both as parent and child components of each other?


Thanks & Regards


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Re: PID & IEC Symbols

05-07-2013 04:20 AM in reply to: STEVENAR

In the BOM you can report one or the other… P&ID or Electrical Schematic. They don’t report in a mixed BOM.



If you copy the actual TAG instead of using the WDTAGALT the electrical descriptions will update as changes are made to the P&ID symbols. To copy them from the schematic the first time be sure to check the following boxes as needed.


Stan Wile
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