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Insertion Point Not In Line With Wire Connections???

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01-24-2013 12:29 PM

I am trying to modify the standard AutoCAD destination ellipse (HA5D1_REF) so that the insertion point is on the right side.  Every attempt to do so includes setting the insertion point and the wire connection at the same point (center right).  However, each attempt results in the following error message:  Insertion Point...not in line with wire connections".  After attempting to edit the block, it inserts correctly into the drawing, however, it fails to save.  HA5D1_REF.png

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Re: Insertion Point Not In Line With Wire Connections???

01-24-2013 01:07 PM in reply to: Outbound

To begin with, you have to follow the ACE file naming convention for signal/destination symbols.


For Horizontal symbols, the first character is "H". For Vertical symbols, use "V"


The 2nd character represents "Arrows"


The third character is the Symbol style.


The fourth character is "D" for "destination and "S" for source.


The fifth character is

1=Wire terminates on the Left.

2=Wire terminates on the Bottom.

3=Wire terminates on the Right.

4=Wire terminates on the Top.


So for the symbol you posted, the file name for Style 5 is  HA5D3.dwg


When I opened the file, It asked me to use the Block Editor. You should not use the Block Editor with ACE Symbols. Use the Symbol Editor Instead. ACE automatically uses 0,0 as the default insertion point for its symbols.


After removing the entities you added and resaving the file, I had no trouble inserting it.


Here is the modified file.


Keep in mind that if you are creating a style you will need 8 symbols; 4 sources (up, down, left, right) and 4 destinations.

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Re: Insertion Point Not In Line With Wire Connections???

01-25-2013 12:06 PM in reply to: testsubject

Perfect solution.


Thank you!

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Re: Insertion Point Not In Line With Wire Connections???

11-05-2013 01:52 PM in reply to: Outbound

I am having the same issue. I have created my symbol, but when I am ready to insert it, in Symbol Builder, I do "Symbol Audit" and I get the same error message 


I have tried to fix this, but I have been unsuccessful. However, I am able to insert my symbol in my drawing, but autocad inserts in a totally different place where I want to insert it. I am sure once the insertion point error is fixed, this should fix the insertion problem, but I just can't figure out how to fix it. Any help is appreciated it. 


I have attached the .dwg file for my symbol. 




acad block.jpg


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Re: Insertion Point Not In Line With Wire Connections???

11-05-2013 02:18 PM in reply to: Lpena83

Open the block as if it was a normal dwg.

Type BASE on the command line

Select the new base point as required.


Free tip, make sure everything is on layer 0. This will allow ACADE to move the various entities within the block to the correct layers.


As an optional step, run the PURGE command and select PURGE ALL. This will get rid of any extra layers, fonts and so on.


Save the block, then go to a new dwg and try to insert the block as a test.

If it works, use the update block tool for any instances in the dwg you are working on. NOTE this will insert the blocks at the current insertion point of the old blocks so you may need to move them to their required location.


Regards Brad

Icemanau (NNTP handle: Brad Coleman)

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