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Insert 3 Phase Bus

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03-17-2004 09:13 AM
The insert 3 phase bus command is very difficult to use when trying to start the bus on an existing bus. If the zoom is not just perfect or the speed at which the existing bus is selected and the mouse moved in the direction the new bus is to be drawn, this command usually places all three phases on the phase that was selected.

For example, I have a horizontal 3 phase bus. I wish to add a vertical 3 phase bus to the middle of the horizontal bus. I would select the option of "starting on component or bus" and select the phase A (top) bus and move the cursor down. Most of the time, Acade will connect all three phases of the vertical bus on the phase A bus, instead of A to A, B to B, C to C. Sometimes, Acade will connect phase A and B to top bus and phase C to the middle bus.

Any suggestions?

Hyun Kim
Powell Electrical Mfg. Co.
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Re: Insert 3 Phase Bus

03-18-2004 04:35 AM in reply to: hkim

Try selecting the starting point on your bus and then move a short distance in the opposite direction that you wish to go, the move back in the intended direction. For example, if you wish to come off of a vertical bus, select the right wire as your starting point, move left, past the left wire, then move to the right to the point where you wish to stop. It's a similar process for coming off of a horizontal bus, just go up first, then down. You will probable have to experiment a bit with this, but it works very nicely.

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Re: Insert 3 Phase Bus

03-18-2004 05:41 AM in reply to: hkim
I have tried this method. It only works well if you are zoomed in rather close to the bus. If you are not zoomed in close to the bus, all three lines will be attached to the line you selected.

My contention is that Acade knows the horizontal and vertical spacing of the bus based upon in the information on the dialog box. Acade should be scanning those distances to find the corresponding phases. Otherwise it is very tricky to use and time consuming if a large three phase bus system needs to be drawn. Most of the engineers here do not use this function because they can't get it to work satisfactorily. They draw the bus using the "insert wire" command.

Thanks for your reply.

Hyun Kim
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Re: Insert 3 Phase Bus

03-18-2004 05:54 AM in reply to: hkim
I had the same problem when I first stared using ACADE.
I found it was something that you had to just "develop the touch" for. I very seldom have problems now.
I know it really does not answer your question, but it should eventually come with time.

*Nate Holt \(Autodesk\)
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Re: Insert 3 Phase Bus

03-18-2004 02:24 PM in reply to: hkim
Judging from the multiple replies, it sounds like this is not an uncommon
problem. I'll submit this to be logged as a defect and then see if this can
be made more reliable.
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