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Error: malformed string on input

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03-16-2011 09:31 AM

When trying to input any elec. Item I get this error:

Reading C:\Documents and Settings\victoria.smithpizzo\Application
Data\Autodesk\AutoCAD Electrical 2011\R18.1\enu\Support\ace_jic_menu.dat
Error: malformed string on input

what am I doing wrong?

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Re: Error: malformed string on input

03-16-2011 10:20 PM in reply to: mamapizzo

I suppose there is some problem in your ace_jic_menu.dat file, can you attach this file here for further investigation ?




Kevin Li

Kevin-Hongyuan Li
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Re: Error: malformed string on input

03-17-2011 06:12 AM in reply to: KevinLi-Autodesk

Here is the ace_jic_menu.dat file. i hope this helps.


; 22-Jan-10 t_kalio; Added 1ph and 3ph power source icons 
; 22-Sep-09 t_kudam; Symbol builder modified to use new command '_.aesymbuilder'
; 29-Oct-08 t_gackt; One line menu - Changed string "Square/Round with terminal number" to "Square/Round terminal" and added second transformer
; 21-Oct-08 t_gackt; corrections in "One line" menu (new submenu)
; 14-Oct-08 t_gackt; changed icon file name "shc01pj" to "shc01jp_1" in submenu M101 and changed "PJ" to "Jack/Plug"
; 03-Oct-08 t_gackt; added new menu "One line component"
; 15-Nov-07 t_kudam - renamed files OL symbols to HOL2, HOL21, HOL22
; 17-Oct-07 t_kudam - changes made due to rename (H/V)OL11.dwg - (H/V)OL1.dwg
; 7-Aug-07 t_gackt - corrected spelling of word "Distribution" in **M45
; 14-Nov-06 Kulas inserted format information for old insert menu
; 05-Oct-06 Kulas Rearranged for modern icon menu
; 11-Dec-05 NEHolt added parametric twisted-pair symbol
; 06-Nov-05 NEHolt separate off-delay timer "instantaneous" contact symbols
; 23-Oct-05 NEHolt simplified M48
; 21-Oct-05 Mani added sub menu page M48 for Splice symbols
; 05-Oct-05 NEHolt added parametric connector build calls - 2 places
; 25-June-04 MJ - Changed string PLc-Direct to Automation Direct
; 17-May-04 PMM - corrected spelling of word "Circuit"
; 04-May-04 PMM - corrected one more instance of Receptacles
; 28-Apr-04 NEHolt - corrected spelling of word "Receptacles"
; 08-APR-04 JDZ - Modofoed the Title Line Removing Main Menu For DSS
; 29-Mar-04 JDZ - modified the Title Lines for localization
; 09-Jan-04 JDZ Replaced Abbreviations with full word; ready for globalization
; 11-Aug-03 NEHolt minor change to Latch Relay submenu page, now use normal CR contacts
;    to tie into latch parent coil.
; 06-Aug-03 NEHolt removed the NO and NC versions of HSV1. Just use HSV1 and set
;    the RATING1 value to NO or NC if desired.
; 01-Jul-03 NEHolt tick mark adds to icons that pop up submenu page required some icons
;    to be duplicated without the tick marks.
; 10-Jun-03 NEHolt split Timers into to icon pages; split Relays/Latches into two pages
; 10-Jun-03 AWHolt flipped PLC-Direct to DT text-only menu
; 06-Jun-03 PMMurnen reworked in-line wire label calls
; 02-Jun-03 AWHolt changed PLC full-unit menus to type "DT"
; 03-Jul-02 NEHolt changed "ins dumb inline wire labels" call - three places.
;   Minor change to Black Box Builder call under "Generic Boxes"
; 03-May-01 NEHolt added "$C=wd_repeat " call to each of the dumb in-line
;   wire label markers so that cmd repeats during insertion
; 22-Jul-00 NEHolt added "In line wire num copy" symbols to menu M32
; 21-Jun-00 NEHolt moved "Shields" from opening menu down to MISC menu
; 11-Jun-00 NEHolt added M45 Pwr Dist Blocks and revised M14 to pick it
; 03-Jun-00 NEHolt added M43,M44 and revised M21,M22 for additions
;   to connector pin symbol menus
; 29-May-00 PMMurnen added M41,M42 for new shield/cable markers
; 22-Feb-00 NEHolt added "Dumb, extra marker" in CABLE submenu page
; 18-Feb-00 NEHolt added "repeat" option for inserting wire "DOT" symbol
;   in the "M0" submenu page
; 16-Dec-99 PMMurnen eliminated "S_LD" slide lib references (2 places)
; 02-Aug-99 NEHolt added 1-PH motor symbol to M15
; 15-Jul-99 NEHolt added *M40 reference in MISC submenu in place of
;   call to Black Box Builder. Also added *M40 reference in Ref-Only
;   wire arrows submenu.
; 23-Jun-99 NEHolt added in "PLC" units menu pages M33-M40
JIC: Schematic Symbols
Push Buttons|s2(s_pb)|$S=M3
Selector Switches|s2(s_ss)|$S=M6
Fuses/ Circuit Breakers/ Transformers|s2(s_cb_fu)|$S=M16
Relays/ Contacts|s2(s_cr)|$S=M1
Motor Control|s2(s_mcc)|$S=M15
Pilot Lights|s2(s_lt)|$S=M4
PLC I/O|s2(s_io)|$S=M27
Terminals/ Connectors|s2(s_trm_cn)|$S=M14
Limit Switches|s2(s_zs)|$S=M8
Pressure/ Temperature Switches|s2(s_ps_ts)|$S=M9
Flow/ Level Switches|s2(s_fs_ls)|$S=M13
Miscellaneous Switches|s2(s_msc_sw)|$S=M10
DOT|s1(shdot)|$C=wd_repeat WDDOT
One-Line Components|s2(s_oneline)|$S=M100
JIC: Relays and Contacts
Relay Coil|s1(SHCR1)|HCR1
Relay NO Contact|s1(SHCR21)|HCR21
Relay NC Contact|s1(SHCR22)|HCR22
Standard Coil with Pins|s1(SHCR1T)|HCR1T
Relay NO with Pins|s1(SHCR21T)|HCR21T
Relay NC with Pins|s1(SHCR22T)|HCR22T
Latching Relay Coils|s2(s_cr_latch)|$S=M46
JIC: Time Delay Relays
ON Delay Coil|s2(shtD1N)|HTD1N
ON Delay Coil with Pins|s2(shtD1NT)|HTD1NT
ON Delay Starter|s2(shtD1NM)|HTD1NM
ON Delay NO - TC|s2(shtD21N)|HTD21N
ON Delay NC - TO|s2(shtD22N)|HTD22N
ON Delay NO - TC with Pins|s2(shtD21NT)|HTD21NT
ON Delay NC - TO with Pins|s2(shtD22NT)|HTD22NT
Instantaneous NO|s2(shtD21I)|HTD21I
Instantaneous NC|s2(shtD22I)|HTD22I
Instantaneous NO with Pins|s2(shtD21IT)|HTD21IT
Instantaneous NC with Pins|s2(shtD22IT)|HTD22IT
OFF Delay Timers|s2(s_td_off)|$S=M47
JIC: Push Buttons
Push Button NO|s2(shpB11)|HPB11
Push Button NC|s2(shpB12)|HPB12
Mushroom Head NO|s2(shpB11M)|HPB11M
Mushroom Head NC|s2(shpB12M)|HPB12M
Illuminated Push Button NO|s2(shpb11L)|HPB11L
Illuminated Push Button NC|s2(shpb12L)|HPB12L
Illuminated Mushroom Head NO|s2(shpb11ML)|HPB11ML
Illuminated Mushroom Head NC|s2(shpb12ML)|HPB12ML
2nd+ NO Contact|s2(shpB21)|HPB21
2nd+ NC Contact|s2(shpB22)|HPB22
2nd+ Red Light|s2(shpb2R)|HPB2R
2nd+ Green Light|s2(shpb2G)|HPB2G
2nd+ Amber Light|s2(shpb2A)|HPB2A
2nd+ Yellow Light|s2(shpb2Y)|HPB2Y
2nd+ Blue Light|s2(shpb2B)|HPB2B
2nd+ White Light|s2(shpb2W)|HPB2W
2nd+ Clear Light|s2(shpb2C)|HPB2C
JIC: Pilot Lights
Red Standard|s2(shlt1R)|HLT1R
Green Standard|s2(shlt1G)|HLT1G
Amber Standard|s2(shlt1A)|HLT1A
Yellow Standard|s2(shlt1Y)|HLT1Y
Blue Standard|s2(shlt1B)|HLT1B
White Standard|s2(shlt1W)|HLT1W
Clear Standard|s2(shlt1C)|HLT1C
Red Press To Test|s2(shlt1RP)|HLT1RP
Green Press To Test|s2(shlt1GP)|HLT1GP
Amber Press To Test|s2(shlt1AP)|HLT1AP
Yellow Press To Test|s2(shlt1YP)|HLT1YP
Blue Press To Test|s2(shlt1BP)|HLT1BP
White Press To Test|s2(shlt1WP)|HLT1WP
Clear Press To Test|s2(shlt1CP)|HLT1CP
Master Test|s2(s_lt_m)|$S=M5
JIC: Master Test Pilot Lights
Red Master Test|s2(shlt1RM)|HLT1RM
Green Master Test|s2(shlt1GM)|HLT1GM
Amber Master Test|s2(shlt1AM)|HLT1AM
Yellow Master Test|s2(shlt1YM)|HLT1YM
Blue Master Test|s2(shlt1BM)|HLT1BM
White Master Test|s2(shlt1WM)|HLT1WM
Clear Master Test|s2(shlt1CM)|HLT1CM
JIC: Selector Switches
2 Position Maintain, NO|s2(shss112)|HSS112
2 Position Maintain, NC|s2(shss122)|HSS122
2 Position NO Return From Left|s2(shss112L)|HSS112L
2 Position NC Return From Left|s2(shss122L)|HSS122L
2 Position NO Return From Right|s2(shss112r)|HSS112R
2 Position NC Return From Right|s2(shss122r)|HSS122R
3 Position NO|s2(shss113)|HSS113
3 Position NC|s2(shss123)|HSS123
3 Position NO Return From Left|s2(shss113L)|HSS113L
3 Position NC Return From Left|s2(shss123L)|HSS123L
3 Position NO Return From Right|s2(shss113r)|HSS113R
3 Position NC Return From Right|s2(shss123r)|HSS123R
3 Position NO Return From Both|s2(shss113b)|HSS113B
3 Position NC Return From Both|s2(shss123b)|HSS123B
4 Position NO|s2(shss114)|HSS114
4 Position NC|s2(shss124)|HSS124
6 Position NO|s2(shss116)|HSS116
6 Position NC|s2(shss126)|HSS126
8 Position NO|s2(shss118)|HSS118
8 Position NC|s2(shss128)|HSS128
2nd+ NO Contact|s2(shss21)|HSS21
2nd+ NC Contact|s2(shss22)|HSS22
Illuminated Selector Switches|s2(S-SSI)|$S=M7
JIC: Illuminated Selector Switches
2 Position NO|s2(shss112)|HSS112I
2 Position NC|s2(shss122)|HSS122I
2 Position NO Return From Left|s2(shss112L)|HSS112Li
2 Position NC Return From Left|s2(shss122L)|HSS122Li
2 Position NO Return From Right|s2(shss112r)|HSS112Ri
2 Position NC Return From Right|s2(shss122r)|HSS122Ri
3 Position NO|s2(shss113)|HSS113i
3 Position NC|s2(shss123)|HSS123i
3 Position NO Return From Left|s2(shss113L)|HSS113Li
3 Position NC Return From Left|s2(shss123L)|HSS123Li
3 Position NO Return From Right|s2(shss113r)|HSS113Ri
3 Position NC Return From Right|s2(shss123r)|HSS123Ri
3 Position NO Return From Both|s2(shss113b)|HSS113Bi
3 Position NC Return From Both|s2(shss123b)|HSS123Bi
Red Light|s2(shss2R)|HSS2R
Green Light|s2(shss2G)|HSS2G
Amber Light|s2(shss2A)|HSS2A
Yellow Light|s2(shss2Y)|HSS2Y
Blue Light|s2(shss2B)|HSS2B
White Light|s2(shss2W)|HSS2W
Clear Light|s2(shss2C)|HSS2C
JIC: Limit Switches
Limit Switch, NO|s2(shls11)|HLS11
Limit Switch, NC|s2(shls12)|HLS12
Limit Switch NO Held Closed|s2(shls11h)|HLS11H
Limit Switch NC Held Open|s2(shls12h)|HLS12H
2nd+ NO Contact|s2(shls21)|HLS21
2nd+ NC Contact|s2(shls22)|HLS22
2nd+ NO Contact Held Closed|s2(shls21h)|HLS21H
2nd+ NC Contact Held Open|s2(shls22h)|HLS22H
JIC: Pressure and Temperature Switches
Pressure Switch, NO|s2(shps11)|HPS11
Pressure Switch, NC|s2(shps12)|HPS12
Temperature Switch, NO|s2(shts11)|HTS11
Temperature Switch, NC|s2(shts12)|HTS12
2nd+ Pressure NO Contact|s2(shps21)|HPS21
2nd+ Pressure NC Contact|s2(shps22)|HPS22
2nd+ Temperature NO Contact|s2(shts21)|HTS21
2nd+ Temperature NC Contact|s2(shts22)|HTS22
JIC: Other Switch Types
Proximity Switch NO|s2(shpx11)|HPX11
Proximity Switch NC|s2(shpx12)|HPX12
2nd+ Proximity NO Contact|s2(shpx21)|HPX21
2nd+ Proximity NC Contact|s2(shpx22)|HPX22
Foot Switch NO|s1(shft11)|HFT11
Foot Switch NC|s1(shft12)|HFT12
2nd+ Foot NO Contact|s1(shft21)|HFT21
2nd+ Foot NC Contact|s1(shft22)|HFT22
Toggle Switch NO|s2(shtg11)|HTG11
Toggle Switch NC|s2(shtg12)|HTG12
2nd+ Toggle NO Contact|s2(shtg21)|HTG21
2nd+ Toggle NC Contact|s2(shtg22)|HTG22
Pull cord Switch NO|s2(shpc11)|HPC11
Pull cord Switch NC|s2(shpc12)|HPC12
2nd+ Pull Cord NO Contact|s2(shpc21)|HPC21
2nd+ Pull Cord NC Contact|s2(shpc22)|HPC22
A-Plug NO|s2(shlt11)|HPG11
A-Plug NC|s2(shlt12)|HPG12
2nd+ A-Plug NO Contact|s2(shlt21)|HPG21
2nd+ A-Plug NC Contact|s2(shlt22)|HPG22
Photo Eye Switch NO|s2(shpe11)|HPE11
Photo Eye Switch NC|s2(shpe12)|HPE12
SPDT Switches|s1(tg_more)|$S=M31
JIC: Flow and Level Switches
Flow Switch NO|s1(shfs11)|HFS11
Flow Switch NC|s1(shfs12)|HFS12
Level Switch NO|s1(shfL11)|HFL11
Level Switch NC|s1(shfL12)|HFL12
2nd+ Flow NO Contact|s1(shfs21)|HFS21
2nd+ Flow NC Contact|s1(shfs22)|HFS22
2nd+ Level NO Contact|s1(shFL21)|HFL21
2nd+ Level NC Contact|s1(shFL22)|HFL22
JIC: Terminals and Connectors
Square with Wire Number|s2(sht0w01)|HT0W01
Square with Terminal Number|s2(sht0001)|HT0001
Square with Wire Number Change|s2(sht1001)|HT1001
Round with Wire Number|s2(sht0w02)|HT0W02
Round with Terminal Number|s2(sht0002)|HT0002
Round with Wire Number Change|s2(sht1002)|HT1002
Hexagon with Wire Number|s2(sht0w03)|HT0W03
Hexagon with Terminal Number|s2(sht0003)|HT0003
Hexagon with Wire Number Change|s2(sht1003)|HT1003
Diamond with Wire Number|s2(sht0w04)|HT0W04
Diamond with Terminal Number|s2(sht0004)|HT0004
Diamond with Wire Number Change|s2(sht1004)|HT1004
Triangle with Wire Number|s2(sht0w05)|HT0W05
Triangle with Terminal Number|s2(sht0005)|HT0005
Triangle with Wire Number Change|s2(sht1005)|HT1005
In-line Wire Labels|s1(dumb_red)|$S=M32
Power Distribution Blocks|s2(pdb)|$S=M45
Connectors - No Wirenumber Changes|s2(s_cn_nch)|$S=M22
Connectors - Wirenumber Changes|s2(s_cn_chg)|$S=M21
JIC: Motor Control
3 Phase Starter Contacts NO|s1(shmt213)|$C=wd_3unit HMS21
3 Phase Starter Contacts NC|s1(shmt223)|$C=wd_3unit HMS22
3 Phase Starter Contacts with Overload|s1(shmt213o)|$C=wd_3unit HMS21OL
3 Phase Overloads|s1(shol13)|$C=wd_3unit HOL1
Motor Starter Coil|s1(SHmt1)|HmS1
Motor Starter Coil with Pins|s1(SHmt1T)|HmS1T
3 Phase Motor|s1(SHMO1)|HMO13
2nd+ Starter Contact NO|s1(SHmt21)|HmS21
2nd+ Starter Contact NO with Pins|s1(SHmt21T)|HmS21T
2nd+ Overload|s1(shol2)|HOL2
1 Phase Motor|s1(shmo12)|HMO12
2nd+ Starter Contact NC|s1(SHmt22)|HmS22
2nd+ Starter Contact NC with Pins|s1(SHmt22T)|HmS22T
2nd+ Overload Contact NO|s1(SHOL21I)|HOL21
KVAR Capacitor|s1(SHCA11)|HCA11
3 Phase KVAR|s1(SHCA13)|HCA113
2nd+ Overload Contact NC|s1(SHOL22I)|HOL22
2nd+ KVAR Capacitor|s1(SHCA21)|HCA21
Fuses/ Circuit Breakers|s2(s_cbfu)|$S=M16
Breakers/ Disconnects|s2(s_cb_ds)|$S=M17
JIC: Fuses, Circuit Breakers and Transformers
;Circuit Breaker 1 Pole|s1(shcb1)|HCB1
Fuse (Tag)|s1(shfu1)|HFU1
;2nd+ Circuit Breaker 1 Pole|s1(shcb2)|HCB2
2nd+ Fuse|s1(shfu2)|HFU2
Fuse Switch (Right)|s1(shds1fr)|HDS11FR
Fuse Switch (Left)|s1(shds1fL)|HDS11FL
3 Pole Fuse with Tags|s1(shfu3p)|$C=wd_3unit HFU1
2nd+ Fuse Switch(Right)|s1(shds2fr)|HDS21FR
2nd+ Fuse Switch (Left)|s1(shds2fL)|HDS21FL
Transformer Dual|s2(shxf1d)|HXF1D
Current Transformer|s2(shxf1ct)|HXF1CT
Potential Transformer|s2(shxf1pt)|HXF1PT
Circuit Breakers/ Disconnects|s2(s_cb_ds)|$S=M17
JIC: Disconnecting Means
Circuit Breaker 1 Pole|s1(shcb1)|HCB1
Thermal Circuit Breaker|s1(shcb1th)|HCB11TH
Motor Circuit Protector|s1(shcb1m)|HCB11M
Motor Circuit Protector with Fuse|s1(shcb1mcl)|HCB11ML
2nd+ Circuit Breaker 1 Pole|s1(shcb2)|HCB2
2nd+ Thermal Circuit Breaker|s1(shcb2th)|HCB21TH
2nd+ Motor Circuit Protector|s1(shcb2m)|HCB21M
2nd+ Motor Circuit Protector with Fuse|s1(shcb2mcl)|HCB21ML
3 Pole Circuit Breaker|s1(shcb13)|$C=wd_3unit HCB1
3 Pole Thermal Circuit Breaker|s1(shcb1th3)|$C=wd_3unit HCB11TH
3 Pole Motor Circuit Protector|s1(shcb1m3)|$C=wd_3unit HCB11M
3 Pole Motor Circuit Protector with Fuse|s1(shcb1ml3)|$C=wd_3unit HCB11ML
Circuit Breaker Auxilary Contact NO|s1(shcb21it)|HCB21IT
Disconnect Switch|s1(shds1)|HDS11
Fused Disconnect Switch|s1(shds1f)|HDS11F
Disconnect Switch Auxilary Contact NO|s1(shds21it)|HDS21IT
2nd+ Disconnect Switch|s1(shds2)|HDS21
2nd+ Fused Disconnect Switch|s1(shds2f)|HDS21F
3 Pole Disconnect|s1(shds13)|$C=wd_3unit HDS11
3 Pole Fused Disconnect|s1(shds1F3)|$C=wd_3unit HDS11F
JIC: Miscellaneous
Battery (Flipped)|s1(shba1r)|HBA1R
Suppressor (tag)|s2(shsu1)|HSU1
Enclosure Light|s1(s_ltenc)|HLT1ENC
Cable Markers|s1(shw01)|$S=M30
Shields (Non Intelligent)|s2(s_shld1)|$S=M41
Splice symbols|s2(splice_horizontal)|$S=M48
User Circuits|s2(s_usr_ck)|$S=M19
Generic Boxes|s1(s_box)|$S=M20
Stand-Alone Cross-Reference Symbols|s2(sa_refs)|$S=M40
Wire Arrows Reference only|s1(s_a_ref)|$S=M26
Power Source 1 Phase|s1(PS1_1PH)|VPW1_1PH
Power Source 3 Phase|s1(PS1_3PH)|VPW1_3PH
JIC: Saved User Circuits
User Circuit 1|%WD_USER%circ1|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ1
User Circuit 2|%WD_USER%circ2|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ2
User Circuit 3|%WD_USER%circ3|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ3
User Circuit 4|%WD_USER%circ4|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ4
User Circuit 5|%WD_USER%circ5|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ5
User Circuit 6|%WD_USER%circ6|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ6
User Circuit 7|%WD_USER%circ7|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ7
User Circuit 8|%WD_USER%circ8|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ8
User Circuit 9|%WD_USER%circ9|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ9
User Circuit 10|%WD_USER%circ10|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ10
User Circuit 11|%WD_USER%circ11|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ11
User Circuit 12|%WD_USER%circ12|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ12
User Circuit 13|%WD_USER%circ13|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ13
User Circuit 14|%WD_USER%circ14|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ14
User Circuit 15|%WD_USER%circ15|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ15
User Circuit 16|%WD_USER%circ16|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ16
User Circuit 17|%WD_USER%circ17|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ17
User Circuit 18|%WD_USER%circ18|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ18
User Circuit 19|%WD_USER%circ19|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ19
User Circuit 20|%WD_USER%circ20|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ20
User Circuit 21|%WD_USER%circ21|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ21
User Circuit 22|%WD_USER%circ22|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ22
User Circuit 23|%WD_USER%circ23|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ23
User Circuit 24|%WD_USER%circ24|$C=wd_ins_circ_main %WD_USER%circ24
JIC: Generic Device Boxes
4 Terminals|s1(shdv1tfl)|HDV1TFL
3 Terminals|s1(shdv1tc)|HDV1TC
3 Terminals|s1(shdv1tb)|HDV1TB
2 Terminals|s1(shdv1t6)|HDV1T6
4 Terminals|s1(shdv1tf)|HDV1TF
3 Terminals|s1(shdv1te)|HDV1TE
3 Terminals|s1(shdv1t7)|HDV1T7
Symbol Builder|s1(shblkbox)|$C=_.AESYMBUILDER
JIC: Connectors - Wirenumber Changes
2nd+ Plug/Jack|s2(shcn2pj)|HCN2PJ
2nd+ Jack/Plug|s2(shcn2jp)|HCN2JP
Spare/Single Side Only|s2(c0_1)|$S=M43
Parametric build|s2(paraconn)|$C=wd_p2p_connector_dlg_wnum_chg
JIC: Connectors - No Wirenumber Changes
Plug/Jack (Combined Tag-Pin)|s2(shc01pj1)|HC01PJ1
Jack/Plug (Combined Tag-Pin)|s2(shc01jp1)|HC01JP1
2nd+ Plug/Jack|s2(shc02pj)|HC02PJ
2nd+ Jack/Plug|s2(shc02jp)|HC02JP
2nd+ Plug/Jack (Combined Tag-Pin)|s2(shc02pj1)|HC02PJ1
2nd+ Jack/Plug (Combined Tag-Pin)|s2(shc02jp1)|HC02JP1
Spare/Single Side Only|s2(c0_1)|$S=M44
Parametric build|s2(paraconn)|$C=wd_p2p_connector_dlg_wnum_nochg
JIC: Neon Pilot Lights
Red Standard|s2(shlt1Rn)|HLT1RN
Amber Standard|s2(shlt1an)|HLT1AN
Clear Standard|s2(shlt1Cn)|HLT1CN
JIC: Solenoids
Manual Reset Solenoid|s1(s_sv1m)|HSV1M
NO Contact|s1(s_sv21)|HSV21
NC Contact|s1(s_sv22)|HSV22
JIC: Instrumentation
Thermocouple with Terminal Board|s1(s_tc1ltb)|HTC1LTB
Thermocouple with Terminal Board|s1(s_tc1rtb)|HTC1RTB
Ball valve|s1(shbv1m)|HBV1M
Gate valve|s1(shgv1m)|HGV1M
Globe valve|s1(shlv1m)|HLV1M
Volt Meter|s1(shvm1)|HVM1
Amp Meter|s1(sham1)|HAM1
JIC: Wire Arrows - Reference Only
Generic Arrow - Left|s1(sha1x1)|HA1X1
Generic Arrow - Up|s1(sha1x2)|HA1X2
Generic Arrow - Right|s1(sha1x3)|HA1X3
Generic Arrow - Down|s1(sha1x4)|HA1X4
Arrow Tail - Left|s1(sha1x1y)|HA1X1Y
Arrow Tail - Up|s1(sha1x2y)|HA1X2Y
Arrow Tail - Right|s1(sha1x3y)|HA1X3Y
Arrow Tail - Down|s1(sha1x4y)|HA1X4Y
Stand-Alone Cross-Reference Symbols|s2(sa_refs)|$S=M40
PLC I/O Modules|s2(s_wdio)|$C=PLC
PLC I/O Fixed Units|s1(plcio_fix)|$S=M33
* *  SINGLE I/O  * *||
IN, 1st Point, 1 Wire|s1(plcioi1t)|PLCIOI1T
IN, 1st Point, 2 Wires|s1(plcioi2t)|PLCIOI2T
OUT, 1st Point, 1 Wire|s1(plcioo1t)|PLCIOO1T
OUT, 1st Point, 2 Wires|s1(plcioo2t)|PLCIOO2T
IN, 2nd+ Child, 1 Wire|s1(plcioi1)|PLCIOI1
IN, 2nd+ Child, 2 Wires|s1(plcioi2)|PLCIOI2
OUT, 2nd+ Child, 1 Wire|s1(plcioo1)|PLCIOO1
OUT, 2nd+ Child, 2 Wires|s1(plcioo2)|PLCIOO2
JIC: Electronics
Fixed Resistor|s1(shre1)|HRE1
Fixed Resistor (Box)|s1(shre1b)|HRE1B
Fixed Resistor with Pins|s1(shre1t)|HRE1T
Fixed Resistor (Box) with Pins|s1(shre1tb)|HRE1TB
Variable Resistor|s1(shvr1tz)|HVR1TZ
Variable Resistor|s1(shvr1tzr)|HVR1TZR
Variable Resistor|s1(shvr1)|HVR1
Variable Resistor|s1(shvr1r)|HVR1R
Diode with Pins|s1(shdi1T)|HDI1T
Diode with Pins|s1(shdi1TR)|HDI1TR
Zener Diode|s1(shdi1z)|HDI1Z
Zener Diode|s1(shdi1zr)|HDI1ZR
Zener Diode with Pins|s1(shdi1tz)|HDI1TZ
Zener Diode with Pins|s1(shdi1tzr)|HDI1TZR
Capacitor with Pins|s1(SHCA1T)|HCA1T
JIC: Power Receptacles
Duplex Receptacle|s1(s_cnrdupl)|HCN1RDUP
Single Receptacle|s1(s_cnrsgl)|HCN1RSGL
JIC: Cable Markers
Cable Marker|s1(shw01)|HW01
2+ Child Marker|s1(shw02)|HW02
Extra Marker|s1(shw02dum)|HT0_CABLE
Cable Markers with Shields|s2(shw01_1)|$S=M42
Twisted Pair|s2(tw_pair)|$C=wd_2unit HT0_TW
Twisted Marker|s1(tw_marker)|$C=ace_twist_marker
Multiple connected|s1(mult_cbl_m)|$C=wd_cblshld_bld 5
Multiple connected (All 2nd+)|s1(mult_cbl_m2)|$C=wd_cblshld_bld_2 5
JIC: SPDT Switches
SPDT Maintained|s1(tg112)|HTG112
SPDT Return From Down|s1(tg112d)|HTG112D
SPDT Return From Up|s1(tg112u)|HTG112U
SPDT Return From Both|s1(tg112b)|HTG112B
2nd+ Maintained|s1(tg212)|HTG212
2nd+ Return From Down|s1(tg212d)|HTG212D
2nd+ Return From Up|s1(tg212u)|HTG212U
2nd+ Return From Both|s1(tg212b)|HTG212B
SPDT Maintained|s1(tg112r)|HTG112R
SPDT Return From Down|s1(tg112dr)|HTG112DR
SPDT Return From Up|s1(tg112ur)|HTG112UR
SPDT Return From Both|s1(tg112br)|HTG112BR
2nd+ Maintained|s1(tg212r)|HTG212R
2nd+ Return From Down|s1(tg212dr)|HTG212DR
2nd+ Return From Up|s1(tg212ur)|HTG212UR
2nd+ Return From Both|s1(tg212br)|HTG212BR
JIC: In-Line Wire Labels
Red|s1(WIRELABEL_red)|$C=wd_repeat HT0_LGENERIC COLOR=(c:wd_msg,"COLOR001",nil,"RED")
Black|s1(WIRELABEL_blk)|$C=wd_repeat HT0_LGENERIC COLOR=(c:wd_msg,"COLOR002",nil,"BLK")
White|s1(WIRELABEL_wht)|$C=wd_repeat HT0_LGENERIC COLOR=(c:wd_msg,"COLOR003",nil,"WHT")
Green|s1(WIRELABEL_green)|$C=wd_repeat HT0_LGENERIC COLOR=(c:wd_msg,"COLOR004",nil,"GRN")
Blue|s1(WIRELABEL_blue)|$C=wd_repeat HT0_LGENERIC COLOR=(c:wd_msg,"COLOR005",nil,"BLU")
Yellow|s1(WIRELABEL_yellow)|$C=wd_repeat HT0_LGENERIC COLOR=(c:wd_msg,"COLOR006",nil,"YEL")
Orange|s1(WIRELABEL_orange)|$C=wd_repeat HT0_LGENERIC COLOR=(c:wd_msg,"COLOR007",nil,"ORG")
Gray|s1(WIRELABEL_gray)|$C=wd_repeat HT0_LGENERIC COLOR=(c:wd_msg,"COLOR008",nil,"GRY")
You Type|s1(WIRELABEL_type)|$C=wd_inlinlab_oem "HT0_LGENERIC"
Wire Number Copy|s1(WIRELABEL_num)|$C=wd_repeat HT0_WGENERIC
JIC: PLC Fixed Units
AB 1761 MicroLogix (1/2" spacing)|s1(ab1761-50)|$S=M37
AB 1761 MicroLogix (3/4" spacing)|s1(ab1761-75)|$S=M38
AB 1761 MicroLogix (1" spacing)|s1(ab1761-1)|$S=M39
Automation Direct DL105 (1/2" spacing)|s1(dl105-50)|$S=M34
Automation Direct DL105 (3/4" spacing)|s1(dl105-75)|$S=M35
Automation Direct DL105 (1" spacing)|s1(dl105-1)|$S=M36
JIC: Automation Direct DL105 (1/2" RUNG SPACING)
F1-130AA 10in/8out 115AC-DC/115AC|s1(F1-130AA-50)|PLCIO50EF1-130AA
F1-130AA 10in/8out 115AC-DC/24DC|s1(F1-130AA-50)|PLCIO50EF1-130AD
F1-130AR 10in/8 relay out 115AC-DC|s1(F1-130AR-50)|PLCIO50EF1-130AR
F1-130DA 10in s-s/8 out 24DC/115AC|s1(F1-130DA-50)|PLCIO50EF1-130DA
F1-130DD 10in s-s/8 out 24DC/115AC|s1(F1-130DD-50)|PLCIO50EF1-130DD
F1-130DR 10in s-s/8 relay out 24DC|s1(F1-130DR-50)|PLCIO50EF1-130DR
F1-130DD-D 10in s-s/8 out 24DC/24DC|s1(F1-130DD-D-50)|PLCIO50EF1-130DD-D
F1-130DR-D 10in s-s/8 relay out 24DC|s1(F1-130DR-D-50)|PLCIO50EF1-130DR-D
JIC: Automation Direct DL105 (3/4" RUNG SPACING)
F1-130AA 10in/8out 115AC-DC/115AC|s1(F1-130AA-75)|PLCIO75EF1-130AA
F1-130AD 10in/8out 115AC-DC/24DC|s1(F1-130AD-75)|PLCIO75EF1-130AD
F1-130AR 10in/8 relay out 115AC-DC|s1(F1-130AR-75)|PLCIO75EF1-130AR
F1-130DA 10in s-s/8 out 24DC/115AC|s1(F1-130DA-75)|PLCIO75EF1-130DA
F1-130DD 10in s-s/8 out 24DC/115AC|s1(F1-130DD-75)|PLCIO75EF1-130DD
F1-130DR 10in s-s/8 relay out 24DC|s1(F1-130DR-75)|PLCIO75EF1-130DR
F1-130DD-D 10in s-s/8 out 24DC/24DC|s1(F1-130DD-D-75)|PLCIO75EF1-130DD-D
F1-130DR-D 10in s-s/8 relay out 24DC|s1(F1-130DR-D-75)|PLCIO75EF1-130DR-D
JIC: Automation Direct DL105 (1" RUNG SPACING)
F1-130AA 10in/8out 115AC-DC/115AC|s1(F1-130AA-1)|PLCIO100EF1-130AA
F1-130AD 10in/8out 115AC-DC/24DC|s1(F1-130AD-1)|PLCIO100EF1-130AD
F1-130AR 10in/8 relay out 115AC-DC|s1(F1-130AR-1)|PLCIO100EF1-130AR
F1-130DA 10in s-s/8 out 24DC/115AC|s1(F1-130DA-1)|PLCIO100EF1-130DA
F1-130DD 10in s-s/8 out 24DC/115AC|s1(F1-130DD-1)|PLCIO100EF1-130DD
F1-130DR 10in s-s/8 relay out 24DC|s1(F1-130DR-1)|PLCIO100EF1-130DR
F1-130DD-D 10in s-s/8 out 24DC/24DC|s1(F1-130DD-D-1)|PLCIO100EF1-130DD-D
F1-130DR-D 10in s-s/8 relay out 24DC|s1(F1-130DR-D-1)|PLCIO100EF1-130DR-D
JIC: AB 1761 MicroLogix (1/2" RUNG SPACING)
L16-AWA 10in/6out AC-DC/115AC-DC|s1(L16-AWA-50)|PLCIO50E1761-L16AWA
L16-BBB 10in/6out 24DC/115AC-DC|s1(L16-BBB-50)|PLCIO50E1761-L16BBB
L16-BWA 10in/6out 24DC/115AC-DC|s1(L16-BWA-50)|PLCIO50E1761-L16BWA
L16-BWB 10in/6out 24DC/115AC-DC|s1(L16-BWB-50)|PLCIO50E1761-L16BWB
L24-AWA 12in/12out AC-DC/115AC-DC|s1(L24-AWA-50)|PLCIO50E1761-L24AWA
L24-BWA 12in/12out 24DC/115AC-DC|s1(L24-BWA-50)|PLCIO50E1761-L24BWA
L32-AAA 20in/12out 115AC/115-230AC|s1(L32-AAA-50)|PLCIO50E1761-L32AAA
L32-AWA 20in/12out AC-DC/115AC-DC|s1(L32-AWA-50)|PLCIO50E1761-L32AWA
L32-BWA 20in/12out 24DC/AC-DC|s1(L32-BWA-50)|PLCIO50E1761-L32BWA
JIC: AB 1761 MicroLogix (3/4" RUNG SPACING)
L16-AWA 10in/6out AC-DC/115AC-DC|s1(L16-AWA-75)|PLCIO75E1761-L16AWA
L16-BBB 10in/6out 24DC/115AC-DC|s1(L16-BBB-75)|PLCIO75E1761-L16BBB
L16-BWA 10in/6out 24DC/115AC-DC|s1(L16-BWA-75)|PLCIO75E1761-L16BWA
L16-BWB 10in/6out 24DC/115AC-DC|s1(L16-BWB-75)|PLCIO75E1761-L16BWB
L24-AWA 12in/12out AC-DC/115AC-DC|s1(L24-AWA-75)|PLCIO75E1761-L24AWA
L24-BWA 12in/12out 24DC/115AC-DC|s1(L24-BWA-75)|PLCIO75E1761-L24BWA
L32-AAA 20in/12out 115AC/115-230AC|s1(L32-AAA-75)|PLCIO75E1761-L32AAA
L32-AWA 20in/12out AC-DC/115AC-DC|s1(L32-AWA-75)|PLCIO75E1761-L32AWA
L32-BWA 20in/12out 24DC/AC-DC|s1(L32-BWA-75)|PLCIO75E1761-L32BWA
JIC: AB 1761 MicroLogix (1" RUNG SPACING)
L16-AWA 10in/6out AC-DC/115AC-DC|s1(L16-AWA-1)|PLCIO100e1761-L16AWA
L16-BBB 10in/6out 24DC/115AC-DC|s1(L16-BBB-1)|PLCIO100e1761-L16BBB
L16-BWA 10in/6out 24DC/115AC-DC|s1(L16-BWA-1)|PLCIO100e1761-L16BWA
L16-BWB 10in/6out 24DC/115AC-DC|s1(L16-BWB-1)|PLCIO100e1761-L16BWB
L24-AWA 12in/12out AC-DC/115AC-DC|s1(L24-AWA-1)|PLCIO100E1761-L24AWA
L24-BWA 12in/12out 24DC/115AC-DC|s1(L24-BWA-1)|PLCIO100E1761-L24BWA
L32-AAA 20in/12out 115AC/115-230AC|s1(L32-AAA-1)|PLCIO100e1761-L32AAA
L32-AWA 20in/12out AC-DC/115AC-DC|s1(L32-AWA-1)|PLCIO100e1761-L32AWA
L32-BWA 20in/12out 24DC/AC-DC|s1(L32-BWA-1)|PLCIO100e1761-L32BWA
JIC: Stand-Alone Cross-Reference Symbols
Source Rectangle|s2(ha2s1_r)|HA2S1_REF
Source Hexagon|s2(ha3s1_r)|HA3S1_REF
Source Ellipse|s2(ha5s1_r)|HA5S1_REF
Destination Rectangle|s2(ha2d1_r)|HA2D1_REF
Destination Hexagon|s2(ha3d1_r)|HA3D1_REF
Destination Ellipse|s2(ha5d1_r)|HA5D1_REF
JIC: Shield Symbols
Cable with Shield|s2(s_shld)|$C=wd_shld_bld 1
Twisted Pair with Shield|s2(s_shld2)|$C=wd_shld_bld 2
Shield|s2(s_shld3)|$C=wd_shld_bld 3
Shield Tied Back|s2(s_shld4)|$C=wd_shld_bld 4
Twisted Pair|s2(tw_pair)|$C=wd_2unit HT0_TW
Cable Markers with Shields|s2(shw01_1)|$S=M42
JIC: Multiple Cable Markers
Cable with Shield|s2(shw01_1notick)|$C=wd_cblshld_bld 1
Twisted Pair with Shield|s2(shw01_2)|$C=wd_cblshld_bld 2
Shield|s2(shw01_3)|$C=wd_cblshld_bld 3
Shield Tied Back|s2(shw01_4)|$C=wd_cblshld_bld 4
Add 2nd Shield|s1(shld_add_double)|$C=ace_shld_add_double
Cable with Shield (all 2nd)|s2(shw02_1)|$C=wd_cblshld_bld_2 1
Twisted Pair with Shield (all 2nd)|s2(shw02_2)|$C=wd_cblshld_bld_2 2
Shield (All 2nd+)|s2(shw02_3)|$C=wd_cblshld_bld_2 3
Shield Tied Back (All 2nd+)|s2(shw02_4)|$C=wd_cblshld_bld_2 4
JIC: Connector Pins - Spare/Single Side
Plug Right or up|s2(shc01p_)|HCN1P_
Jack Left or Down|s2(shc01_j)|HCN1_J
Plug Right or up (Combined tag/pin)|s2(shc01p_1)|HCN1P_1
Jack Left or Down (Combined)|s2(shc01_j1)|HCN1_J1
2nd+ Plug Right or up|s2(shc02p_)|HCN2P_
2nd+ Jack Left or Down|s2(shc02_j)|HCN2_J
2nd+ Plug Right or up (Combined)|s2(shc02p_1)|HCN2P_1
2nd+ Jack Left or Down (Combined)|s2(shc02_j1)|HCN2_J1
Jack Right or up|s2(shc01j_)|HCN1J_
Plug Left or Down|s2(shc01_p)|HCN1_P
Jack Right or up (Combined)|s2(shc01j_1)|HCN1J_1
Plug Left or Down (Combined)|s2(shc01_p1)|HCN1_P1
2nd+ Jack Right or up|s2(shc02j_)|HCN2J_
2nd+ Plug Left or Down|s2(shc02_p)|HCN2_P
2nd+ Jack Right or up (Combined)|s2(shc02j_1)|HCN2J_1
2nd+ Plug Left or Down (Combined)|s2(shc02_p1)|HCN2_P1
JIC: Connector Pins - Spare/Single Side
Plug Right or up|s2(shc01p_)|HC01P_
Jack Left or Down|s2(shc01_j)|HC01_J
Plug Right or up (Combined tag/pin)|s2(shc01p_1)|HC01P_1
Jack Left or Down (Combined)|s2(shc01_j1)|HC01_J1
2nd+ Plug Right or up|s2(shc02p_)|HC02P_
2nd+ Jack Left or Down|s2(shc02_j)|HC02_J
2nd+ Plug Right or up (Combined)|s2(shc02p_1)|HC02P_1
2nd+ Jack Left or Down (Combined)|s2(shc02_j1)|HC02_J1
Jack Right or up|s2(shc01j_)|HC01J_
Plug Left or Down|s2(shc01_p)|HC01_P
Jack Right or up (Combined)|s2(shc01j_1)|HC01J_1
Plug Left or Down (Combined)|s2(shc01_p1)|HC01_P1
2nd+ Jack Right or up|s2(shc02j_)|HC02J_
2nd+ Plug Left or Down|s2(shc02_p)|HC02_P
2nd+ Jack Right or up (Combined)|s2(shc02j_1)|HC02J_1
2nd+ Plug Left or Down (Combined)|s2(shc02_p1)|HC02_P1
JIC: Power Distribution Blocks
3 Terminal, 0.5 Spacing|s1(pdb-50)|HDB1350
3 Terminal, 0.75 Spacing|s1(pdb-75)|HDB1375
3 Terminal, 1.0 Spacing|s1(pdb-1)|HDB13100
JIC: Latch Relay Coils
Latch Relay Coil|s1(SHLR1)|HLR1
Latch Relay Coil with pins|s1(SHLR1T)|HLR1T
UnLatch Relay Coil|s1(SHLR1U)|HLR1U
UnLatch Relay Coil with pins|s1(SHLR1UT)|HLR1UT
JIC: OFF-Delay Timers
OFF Delay Coil|s2(shtD1F)|HTD1F
OFF Delay Coil with Pins|s2(shtD1FT)|HTD1FT
OFF Delay Starter|s2(shtD1FM)|HTD1FM
OFF Delay NO-TO|s2(shtD21F)|HTD21F
OFF Delay NC-TC|s2(shtD22F)|HTD22F
OFF Delay NO-TO with Pins|s2(shtD21FT)|HTD21FT
OFF Delay NC-TC with Pins|s2(shtD22FT)|HTD22FT
Instantaneous NO|s2(shtD21I)|HTD21IF
Instantaneous NC|s2(shtD22I)|HTD22IF
Instantaneous NO with Pins|s2(shtD21IT)|HTD21ITF
Instantaneous NC with Pins|s2(shtD22IT)|HTD22ITF
JIC: Splice Symbols
JIC: One-Line Components
Motor Control|s2(s_mot_con)|$S=M102
Cable Marker|s2(s_cmark)|$S=M105
Bus Tap|s2(s_BusTap)|$S=M106
JIC: Connector
JIC: Motor Control
Circuit breaker|s1(shcb1)|Hcb11_1-
Motor circuit protector|s1(shcb1m)|Hcb11m_1-
Thermal circuit breaker|s1(shcb1th)|Hcb11th_1-
Fused disconnect|s1(shds1f)|Hds11f_1-
Motor starter|s1(shmt21)|Hms11_1-
Vertical capacitor|s2(svca113)|Vca113_1-
JIC: Transformer
Transformer 1|s2(shxf1_1)|Hxf1T1_1-
Transformer 2|s2(shxf1_2)|Hxf1T2_1-
JIC: Terminal
Square terminal|s2(sht0_01)|Ht0001_1-
Round terminal|s2(sht0_02)|Ht0002_1-
JIC: Cable Marker
Cable Marker|s1(shw01)|HW01_1-
JIC: Bus Tap
Bus tap - main/dot|s2(svdv1bt1)|VDV1_BT_1-
Bus tap - dual/tee|s2(svdv1btt1)|VDV1_BTT_1-
Bus tap - dual/corner|s2(svdv1btl1)|VDV1_BTL_1-
JIC: Miscellaneous
Power receptacle|s2(shc01wr)|Hc01wr_1-
Generic load|s2(shdv11)|Hdv1_1-





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Re: Error: malformed string on input

03-20-2011 10:34 PM in reply to: mamapizzo

I tried your ACE_JIC_MENU.dat file and not reproduce the eror when insert elec item. Try to repair your autocad electrical to check if this can fix your problem, go to uninstallation page, click Repair or Reinstall button, click Repair button.




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