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AutoCAD Electrical General Discussion

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10-20-2003 09:45 PM
any way to have a plug and jack connected electrically on insert? can't create as one block because each has it's own part number and i haven't fiqured out how to jumper the two together without physically drawing wires to connect them.
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Re: connectors

10-20-2003 10:35 PM in reply to: orionbus
The supplied library does have pin
and jacks that don't change the
wire number across the component.
You should be able to insert them on
a wire and maintain the wire number
and signal continuety across the
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Re: connectors

10-20-2003 11:03 PM in reply to: orionbus
Here are two different approaches, maybe one
will fit your needs...


A. Insert the one plug-jack symbol as suggested by
"Lint" but assign it a part number that has a second part number come in with it
(you can either use the "Multi-BOM" and manually add the 2nd one or set up the
main part number, let's say the jack, to report a "subassembly" part number
for the plug).


B. Instead of inserting a pair of plug and jack
components, construct a "circuit" that has the two items inserted as a small
".dwg" file. Go ahead and assign the part number to each one. Then use either
the "Insert user circuit" or "Insert circuit" command to pop them both in at the
same time. They will break the wire and already have the part number
assignments. Note: since this circuit comes in as two separate devices, it
will gap the wire and trigger a different wire number on each side. If you
want the wire number to be maintained across this, I think there is a way to do
it. Let me know if this is a requirement.
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10-20-2003 11:37 PM in reply to: orionbus
A. solves a few other problems but i need the component tag and multi-bom doesn't have the tag field as an option. can't use a subassembly because we don't want to create another part number in our already huge part system. played around trying to find a way to get the results i wanted but found none using subs

B. how do you maintain the wire number? unfortunately it is a requirement.
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10-21-2003 02:50 AM in reply to: orionbus

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B. how do you maintain the wire number? unfortunately it is a requirement.


You can try the attached "circuit"... it is a combo
of a new plug and a new jack symbol tied together with a zero length or near
zero length line segment. Each symbol can carry and report its own
part number. The key is that the right hand wire connection point attribute of
the left-hand symbol and the left hand wire connection attribute of the
right-hand symbol lay on top of each other with a zero length line connecting
them. This keeps the wire number from changing from the left side of the plug
to the right side of the jack. You'll need to use the INS CIRCUIT cmd to pop
this combo in, make sure you check the "Move LINES to wire layers" toggle.
Another thing you can do is create a "JUMPERS" wire layer and put this
zero-length segment on this layer. Then this jumper will not show up in the
various From/To reports.

You'll need to create reverse and vertical versions
of these combo circuits to cover all your bases and then, once they look good,
add them to some buttons on your INS COMP icon menu to make it a snap to pick
and pop them in.

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10-21-2003 04:23 AM in reply to: orionbus
could you email me the attachment. i'm in the web browser newgroup and don't see a file to download.
*Brown, Anne
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10-21-2003 07:31 AM in reply to: orionbus
Try this as it works for some who have difficulty seeing
attachments on the HTTP side. To see a file from the web-based
interface, go to the thread, and, instead of scrolling down to
the post, go to the "Message Thread" Pane and click on the
poster's name. The lower pane will reset itself at the top of the
post, and you should be able to download the file.


Two things Under Tools>Options> Security Tab ... uncheck "Do not
allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be
a virus."

And when you are using the Web, be sure to click on the name in
the top right before clicking on the attachment in the lower


First Left Click on the message in the upper right pane. After it
reloads the thread, you can Right Click and "save target as" or
Left Click and it should prompt for a save location.


If you are accessing the newsgroups from the web-based [HTTP]
interface, in order to have access to an attached file in any
post but the first post, you need to find the right
name/date/time in the "Message Thread" pane, directly above this
pane. Click on the name, and that will cause the selected message
to appear here. You will then be able to download/view the
Anne Brown
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orionbus wrote:
> could you email me the attachment. i'm in the web browser
> newgroup and don't see a file to download.
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