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Company Wire Numbering

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01-09-2013 11:44 AM

Hey All,


I can't seem to setup AutoCAD Electrical 2013 to number wires and components to my company's standards.

I guess the way we do it is a little unique. I like the idea of automatic wire numbering but it would be great if we didn't have to change our standards to do it. Can anyone come up with a way to setup the "Wire Number Format" and "Line Reference Numbers" to follow theses company standards?


This might look confusing but I'll attach a image to hopefully clear it up.


  • We make our line reference numbers  the sheet number with 000 and increment by 10 for each rung ( The first three rungs on sheet two would be 2000, 2010,2020…).
  • Our components are set up like %F%S%N and always end with a zero (i.e FU2010, PB2010, CB2010...) unless there are two components with the same Family prefix on the same