AutoCAD Electrical General Discussion

AutoCAD Electrical General Discussion

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Jay Mackey
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Re: BOOK for Electrical 2004

06-23-2004 07:19 AM in reply to: Lost_boy
Yes, but as always, the situation is that we are in a time-crunch, and will probably muddle through. The drawings produced will not be as good or well-done as they could have been, but they will be OK. I would love to have time to go get the training, no doubt about it!
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Jay Mackey
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Re: BOOK for Electrical 2004

06-23-2004 07:37 AM in reply to: Lost_boy
Thanks... yes, the Electrical Help Topics is what I was referring to by 'online help'.

After comparing the WD r16 docs to the online help in ACAD Electrical 2004, I believe that they are almost identical, so the current AutoCAD Electrical documentation is not actually any worse than previous documentation. One issue for some people is that you can't print out the online help as a single document at one time as you can with a .pdf. You can only print one 'topic' at a time.

One of my particular issues is trying to find out more about wire signals and implementing them throughout my drawing correctly from the 480 3 phase inputs on page one to the 24V power levels on the I/O pages. After reading every page related to wire signals, and going through the tutorial as well, It's still fuzzy.
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Re: BOOK for Electrical 2004

06-23-2004 07:41 AM in reply to: Lost_boy
That is always the case, unfortunatley. But you have to admit it is a good thing that you are busy with the way things have been lately.

Maybe post specifics that we can help you with.
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Re: BOOK for Electrical 2004

06-24-2004 01:13 PM in reply to: Lost_boy

With all due respect what you're saying here is nothing but repeating the party line.

Just because Autodesk acquires a product does not mean I have to lower my expectations for the deliverables.

I have 8 seats here under software support, we have had them since they were VIA licenses.

EVERY upgrade but the one to ACADE included a manual.

The cost issue is a nonissue, the online help files were always extracted from the manual documentation or vice versa, the only thing being saved here is dead trees.

I for one demanded and paid for manuals in the past and a little put off I can't get them now.

Online help may be useable and accurate but it is NOT convenient. I HATE having to page back and forth between the drawing and the help file when I could just as easily have the manual sitting next to me.

I'd even settle for a PDF of the manual as was provided with one of the 16.X versions.

And don't even GET me talking about the lack of competent phone support. Our staff is better able to support the product than our dealer is. If we have a question it's so far above their level they need oxygen masks :-)

Whew!!! I feel better now, venting is good for you now and again.

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Re: BOOK for Electrical 2004

06-24-2004 01:35 PM in reply to: Lost_boy
YEAAAA.............WHAT HE SAID.......
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Re: BOOK for Electrical 2004

06-24-2004 02:06 PM in reply to: Lost_boy
I totally agree. That way you can write notes in it, mark certain pages then highlight them. It's much easier to work with if you have a manual.
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