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AutoCAD Electrical General Discussion

*Scott Reese \(Autodesk\)
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AutoCAD Electrical 2006 Service Pack 1

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06-15-2005 10:56 AM
AutoCAD Electrical 2006 SP1 is now available for download through the
Communication Center, or from the Autodesk website using the following link:

The issues addressed in the service pack are covered in the readme file that
can be found at this link as well.

Scott Reese
Product Manager
Manufacturing Solutions Division
Autodesk, Inc.
*Nate Holt \(Autodesk\)
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Re: AutoCAD Electrical 2006 Service Pack 1 - list of resolved issues

06-16-2005 07:23 AM in reply to: *Scott Reese \(Autodesk\)
This is a list of issues addressed by SP1 (pulled from its "readme" file).

Summary of the Primary Issues Resolved by the Service Pack
Actions That No Longer Generate Fatal Error

a.. When getting a list of descriptions for existing location boxes that
are placed on the current drawing, the Freshen button no longer causes the
program to lock-up.
b.. When opening a project, and no drawings are open, and a drawing file
from the project was not found in its defined location you are prompted to
locate the drawing. Selecting Yes at this prompt no longer causes a Fatal

General Issues

a.. Cross-referencing text sort order options, ?Sorted by line reference?
and ?Use Pin list order? radio buttons now maintain which one was previously
selected on any subsequent re-display of the dialog.
b.. Copy project now maintains upper/lower case of the original drawing
file names
c.. Modifying the first address on a PLC module will now update all the
following addresses on the PLC module.
d.. Promis?e? Conversion now runs an AutoCAD AUDIT command to preprocess
each drawing before trying to convert. This is to remove any database
errors on the drawings that can cause conversion problems.
e.. The Black Box Builder can now correctly insert attributes that are
Right or Center justified (this issue appeared In Italian version only).
f.. Task list now correctly removes duplicate entries during processing.

Report and Report Table Issues

a.. Parent coils now show up correctly in a project-wide Component Tag
list when the AutoCAD Options 'Create backup copy with each save' option is
toggled OFF.
b.. Components and wire numbers now show up correctly in reports when the
AutoCAD Options 'Create backup copy with each save' option is toggled OFF.
c.. Text Spacing value on the report Table Generator Setup dialog is now
correctly referenced when creating the report table. The Cell Margins of
the tables generated from AutoCAD Electrical reports are now based of the St
andard table style settings. See below for more information on correcting
this problem in existing drawings.
d.. Autodesk Inventor Professional Cable and Harness Data Export file now
correctly outputs a network?s data when it does not carry a wire number
e.. The Drawing(s) Unavailable for Processing dialog that would sometime
incorrectly appear when editing a report in SDI (Single Document Interface)
mode is now suppressed.
f.. When editing a report that spans multiple drawings, all data from the
report is now correctly included in the Report Generator dialog.
g.. Cross-reference tables now correctly insert when using ?Combined
Installation/Location and component Tag mode? and installation and/or
location are displayed as part of the tag.

Wire and Wire Number Issues

a.. ?Special: wire numbering on a per-wire basis? option is now correctly
interpreted when generating reports.
b.. Wires now get extracted correctly if the 'Make all layers valid wire
layers' option is toggled ON.
c.. The Wire Layer utility is now case-insensitive when processing layer
d.. ?Convert Text to Wire Number? no longer produces an exception error if
a converted text entity is subsequently re-selected.
e.. Wire numbers greater than 10 characters long on a wire network with a
"Wire Number" type terminal no longer cause a Project Database Service
error. To correct this problem on existing projects after the Service Pack
has been installed, you must do the following:
a.. Exit AutoCAD Electrical 2006.
b.. Use Windows Explore to browse to your User folder: \\Documents and
Settings\{username}\Application Data\Autodesk\AutoCAD Electrical
c.. Delete the scratch database associated with the project having this
problem. The scratch database name will be the project name with the
extension .MDB.
f.. PLC I/O Wire Numbers now use the first ?shorted? address instead of
the last as the common wire number when two or more I/O points are shorted

Symbol Tagging Issues

a.. Terminal number now no longer blanks out during a Multiple Insert
Component on vertical wires.
b.. Terminal Numbers now correctly increment when inserting terminals on
vertical wires using the Multiple Insert Component command.
c.. When inserting or editing a schematic component and manually forcing
the Component Tag to a value that is already in use now correctly returns a
warning about Duplicated Parent.

Cross-referencing Issues

a.. With graphical cross-referencing, pin numbers display order is now
consistent between on-drawing and off-drawing contacts.
b.. Insert and Copy Circuit commands now correctly update the
Cross-referencing on child components.

Scratch Database Issues

a.. Added support to automatically compact the project scratch database
b.. Single quote marks in project paths and project names are now fully

Terminal Strip Editor Issues

a.. Terminal Strip Editor now allows for both Scale and Angle to be set at
the same time.

Scoot Issues

a.. Scoot no longer fails when applied to a component that has 3 wire
connection points.
b.. When running Scoot on a wire that is not completely visible on the
screen and it must do a temporary zoom extents, the Scoot command now
correctly returns you to your previous view.

Globalization Issues

a.. English strings on the Find/Edit/Replace dialog are now correctly
translated into the appropriate language.
b.. The word DESTINATION is correctly translated into the appropriate
language on the Signal codes ? Project-wide dialog.

AutoCAD Electrical 2006 SP1 is now available for download through the
Communication Center, or from the Autodesk website using the following link:

The issues addressed in the service pack are covered in the readme file that
can be found at this link as well.
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