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ABECAD causing ACADE 2012 to stop working

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08-24-2011 02:20 PM

I am having trouble with ACADE when I insert an ABECAD block.  I select the block to insert, when I click for the insertion point it starts inserting and then ACADE stops working.  It is not all blocks as some work fine and others do not.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Any work arounds or settings that need to be adjusted.  FYI,  I am running Windows 7 on my laptop.  I have re-installed ecad works a couple of times and have all the latest updates but it does not seem to make a difference.  It is becoming increasingly frustrating.  If anyone can help, it would be appreciated.


Thanks, Jay.

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Re: ABECAD causing ACADE 2012 to stop working

08-24-2011 06:59 PM in reply to: jdifazio

Hi jdifazio,


Thanks for the report!


In order to narrow down this issue, need more information from you, for example, your "insert" means just call AutoCAD command INSERT to insert ABECAD block, right ? you said ACADE 2012 stop working, what's the observation for this issue ? Is it a crash or something else ? if it is a crash, please send the CER report with your email address to Autodesk. So far i cannot reproduce your issue, from your description we know that this is block file specific issue, so can you attach an ABECAD block dwg file (which has this problem) here or send it to , then we can reprodcue it and find a solution or workaround (if possible) for you.


Thanks for your support !



Kevin Li

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Autodesk, Inc.

Kevin-Hongyuan Li
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Re: ABECAD causing ACADE 2012 to stop working

08-26-2011 06:31 AM in reply to: KevinLi-Autodesk

Hi Kevin,


This is what I am doing.  I will inset a panel footprint from the schematic list.  If it does not showup in the pre-loaded footprints, ihave the option to select a footprint from ABECAD.  I click the "ABECAD" button and the ABECAD starts.  I select the part number through ABECAD and when I continue to insert it into my drawing, ACADE generates a messgae that says it has stopped working and then shuts down.  It does not do this on every block, but quite a few.  The specific number in ABECAD I am trying to insert is 100-C09DJ10.


I have tried this on a few other laptops running windows 7 and this happens.  When I try it on laptops running Windows XP, I do not have this issue (at least with this part)  I am running ACADE V12 and the latest version of eCAD works downloaded from AB website. 

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Re: ABECAD causing ACADE 2012 to stop working

08-26-2011 06:33 AM in reply to: jdifazio

One more thing.  I tried just typing the "ABECAD" command in a blank drawing and I have the same problem.

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Re: ABECAD causing ACADE 2012 to stop working

08-28-2011 05:46 AM in reply to: jdifazio

Hi jdifazio,


I have installed the eCADWorks from, i choose to install eCADWorks On Demand (part of Product Selection Toolbox LITE Install)(approx 300Mb), compare to the full version, it is much smaller, and I can get the drawings from the network when i am using the tool.


and I am using the ACE2012, then i create a Footprint from Schematic list, choose a component with Manufacturer as AB, and also no footprint in the ACE database, then I can click the ABECAD button and launch the Product Configurator by RAISE, and also i can insert the footprint into the drawing successfully.


you mentioned that for some catalogs, it will failed, and make the ACE hangs, can you let me know which catalogs will have the problem? then we can check if our ACE2012 have some issues, or it is the problem for eCADWorks by AB.


Robin Shou
Quality Assurance

AutoCAD Electrical

Autodesk, Inc.

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Re: ABECAD causing ACADE 2012 to stop working

08-31-2011 03:55 PM in reply to: jdifazio

"ECADWorks (formerly ABECAD) does not work with AutoCAD LT or 64-Bit AutoCAD.", User Guide eCADWorks

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Re: ABECAD causing ACADE 2012 to stop working

06-22-2012 04:34 AM in reply to: cashea

From the Rockwell suport forums regarding the 64bit problem:





I sent an email to the PST Support team at about the same time as my post in mid-April. I actually recieved a reply from two different individuals. They indicated that they are considering it "as a potential project". They did not give a time frame for when they were thinking of doing it. They did ask me several questions on what features I would like to see in the product. The email link is if anyone want to ad their "2 cents". They seem to respond better to email vs. these posts. If enough of us contact them, they may move forward on this sooner.



If you like the functionality of eCADworks, send an email to Rockwell

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Re: ABECAD causing ACADE 2012 to stop working

06-22-2012 06:46 AM in reply to: aikorob

I never use the drawings as-is from AB. They are 3d models which bloat the size of the drawing. When inserting, the parts would slide vertically and I would end up with a real mess.


Since the panel layout is 2d anyway, I Flatten anything I get from AB and then clean up and apply a Wipeout outline to the part. This way, it will hide the dinrail that it is being placed on.

Bob Hanrahan
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Re: ABECAD causing ACADE 2012 to stop working

06-25-2012 09:18 AM in reply to: aikorob

Thanks for the email address AikoRob.  I've emailed Rockwell to indicate my interest in ECADWorks for Window 7, 64-bit.

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