AutoCAD Civil 3D Wishes

AutoCAD Civil 3D Wishes

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Wishes for Civil 3D and Navisworks

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11-22-2010 12:05 AM

1. I would like to have more ability to change the link names on many of the stock subassemblies. This would facilitate


2. I would like the expanded Corridor in the Navisworks Selection Tree to list objects with names other than Subentity.


3. I would then like to be able, in Navisworks, to create Selection Sets among like-objects from different corridor regions by naming those subentities to include. If I could create a selection set from Curb in every corridor region, I wouldn't have to scroll up and down figuring out which Subentity is Curb for each region, and I wouldn't fumble-finger a CTRL-pick, making me start over.


4. I would like Navisworks to recognize Corridor regions without my having, in Civil 3D, to isolate each region and NWCOUT one at a time. I could then represent the entire Corridor inside Navisworks with a single file, but still have access to the various materials separated by the construction zones I have established through my creation of regions in Civil 3D.


5. Plus it would be even more cool if Navisworks just let me create construction zones by station, without regard to regions. That would make it so the engineer could design his model solely for its functionality, while the builder could still break it into zones that work for his schedule.


Tim Corey

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Re: Wishes for Civil 3D and Navisworks

11-22-2010 07:25 AM in reply to: tcorey

I vote for these wishes.

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Re: Wishes for Civil 3D and Navisworks

10-08-2012 01:12 PM in reply to: tcorey

I would like to see the NWCOUT command on the right-click menu, either when you select the object on the screen or from the Prospector, similar to how you can generate an XML from the right-click menu. I would like to see this functionality added to all objects that you can import into Navisworks from Civil 3D.



Michaela Gehn


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