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12-06-2011 07:32 PM

I know this is probably been posted multiple times but why no watermain support?  We use Civil 3D for Muncipal projects and it looks like I will  have to do alot of work to create custom pipe networks, etc.  Not to mention structures like air release valves etc.


Generally our large projects are done by Consultant and they are having the same some of the drawings we have the watermains have clearly have been created manually and sometimes directly drawn on the profiles.  For a product that is not cheap we deserve better.


If someone from Autodesk could give a good answer why watermain support is not included I'd like to hear from you.


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Re: Watermains

12-07-2011 08:14 AM in reply to: robert.thomson

CAD-1 has watermain parts.  Sure, you have to cough up some dough to use them, but it does beat making the parts yourself.  But I do feel your frustration.  I too was forced to draw on a profile for watermain (couldn't justify to my boss the additional license for CAD-1), though now I'll try to master parts builder.

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Re: Watermains

12-15-2011 06:44 AM in reply to: robert.thomson

Agreed.  I think I've posted this every year for 5 years or so.  It's a mystery why it's not included.  Autodesk - please put this in.  If it's curved profiles and auto-generation of grades that are the issue, well we can do without that for now. 


How about some nice pipe fittings that know their elevation from the adjacent pipes, and even pull diameter data so that we can select "tee", and it will know it's an '8" x 8" x 6" Tee'.  Then if it could be stocked with standard materials and fitting types, even better.


This doesn't sound like a huge effort to include.  Please include it!

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