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Upgrade "Translate Survey Database" to a 3D Helmert / Similarity Transformation

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09-26-2012 08:58 PM

At present the survey database can only be transformed by 4 parameters by the "Translate Survey Database" command and only allows for a minimum number of input points. It will move X,Y,Z by a single base point and a rotation based on two points.


It would be a vast improvement if you could pick a larger number of points to have a seven parameter transformation (XYZ translation, XYZ rotation and scale), but also allowing user overrides (so can set scale factor to 1, or remove some rotation etc. This would also show the residuals at each point and be able to turn points on and off for either horzontal or vertical control. This would be great to get a better fit of data to the survey control and to be able to analyse the quality of it.


It would also be good either with the present system or an improved one to be able to view the transformation information at any stage and to be able to go back and edit it. At the moment it is a one off transformation and once it is done there is no record of it.


12D which is prefered by many users in New Zealand and Australia (especially surveyors) has this functionality. A screen shot is attached.

Caleb Baildon
Opus International Consultants Ltd
Greymouth, New Zealand
Civil3D 2015 - Windows7 64bit
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