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Storm and Sanitary Analysis 2011

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11-03-2010 04:48 AM
  1. Import gullies from .sph.
  2. Moveable nodes for sub-catchments.
  3. Generate nodes for parcles in C3D (even lable possition could be utilised)
  4. Sub-Subcatchments; if a C3D plot is a road surface you don't want to have to subdivide it into sections for runoff calc.
  5. Connection into pipes (I know this can't really be done due to the node-node calculation methods unless create a null structure for each connection thus ruining labling) BUT even if one could draw the connections into the pipe and let the program assign the flow to the sturcture at the down stream end of the pipe.
  6. Combine storage nodes with orifice setting
  7. Auto-connect nodes (having to right click on each node and connect is stupid, even SHIFT-CLICK option would be a huge improvement) it sould be possible to create a buffer and let all nodes within the buffer be connected, this buffer around pipes combined with 2 & 5 should automate a process that currently means i won't be using the software.
  8. More export options
  9. Data connection, looking to the future all info should be database driven thus as with pipe networks there should be a link to a database.
  10. I am hoping many other issue will be dealt with by integrating the program with C3D. Will this be next year?? (loosing open channels on import to C3D, loosing catchment connections on import/export tec.)

Currently the product is falling between two stools; too slow and complex for small scale design (the calculation accuracy is nice but if the area of study is small enough to allow the designer individually connect all subcatchments the accuracies are not significant), not enough automation for largescale assessment.

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Re: Storm and Sanitary Analysis 2011

11-03-2010 06:51 AM in reply to: O.Maille

Nice list.


1.  Can you provide a file?

2.  Not sure I follow this request as subcatchments are fully editable and can move.

3.  Parcels, when exported via LandXML will import as Subbasins in SSA.

4.  Have you used the watershed catchment command to capture the runoff area?

5.  Can you email me more deal on this?

6.  Nodes and links have to be seperate for calculations. Can you provide a little more detail?

7.  I need more detail on this workflow.  If you create a link, you can draw your pipes from node to node without the RMC.

8. Like?

9. Great suggestion. The GIS Wizard brings SHP in and out.

10.  I would to get your wishes and workflows.


Please feel free to contact me at matt dot anderson at autodesk dot com.



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Re: Storm and Sanitary Analysis 2011

11-03-2010 08:21 AM in reply to: Matt.Anderson
  1. The .shp file I'm using is basic with no gully info, in the import there is only a tab for manholes no option to change to gully or outfall etc.
  2. Yes but the node location (green square @ centre of area) moves with the parcel meaning if you have "L" shaped area for example the node is outside the parcel area, it's confusing and makes the buffer implementation difficult.
  3. This is a follow on from the above point.
  4. Watersheds are too small regardless of the settings, I imagine this is due to the straight line nature of road surfaces, I could detach the surface and smooth but again non-dynamic.
  5. Essentially most connections to the pipe network are made into the pipe rather than into the manhole,
  6. I guess this can be done by creating an extra manhole. The reason for the request is that a lot of the time a vortex flow restriction device will be installed in the storage tank to reduce the outflow thus 1 node with a storage curve and outflow restriction. On a related point would storage links not make a lot more sense than storage nodes?
  7. Appologies I was refferring to connecting the subcatchments to the nodes.
  8. CSV, SQL, MDB, 
  9. Yes but .shp is limiting and non dynamic, a sql database connection would mean networks are kept up to date
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Re: Storm and Sanitary Analysis 2011

11-11-2010 03:46 AM in reply to: Matt.Anderson

Hi Matt,

I'm just reading your previous post. Maybe you could assist me with

a problem I'm having with the import of STM files from SSA back into

Civil 3D.


The design data is contained in the STM file, but Civil 3D doesn't use them.


As it stands, our clients need to enter the design data manually into

the pipe properties in Civil 3D, in order to show them in pipe profiles.


Exporting profiles from SSA to DWG and inserting them as a block

in Civil 3D is another option, but this way we can't use the plan production

tools in Civil 3D.


Is there perhaps a solution to this problem?


Best regards

Frank Glatzel


Application Engineer - Civil / Structural

CADPLAN Johannesburg

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Re: Storm and Sanitary Analysis 2011

02-22-2011 09:30 AM in reply to: subpartner

Frank -


I am not sure why I missed your post back in November, so I apologize for not responding. 


The STM file does hold some design data.  At this point, Civil 3d holds onto that design data for the round trip to either SSA or Hydraflow.  AutoCAD Civil 3d 2011 does show HGL, EGL, and it does have a place for Flow Data.  This flow data value isnt pipe flow data, but it can be used to show those values. 


Can you provide me some example plans that your clients prepare?


Feel free to email me at matt dot anderson at

Matthew Anderson, PE
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Re: Storm and Sanitary Analysis 2011

10-02-2012 01:44 AM in reply to: Matt.Anderson


Still no way to import inlets/gullies from .shp :-)

Can you take a look at the file below and see why the subcatchments won't connect to the nodes (drainage node name in "TAG" column)


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