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Please Make ETransmit Work, With Exploded AEC Objects

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09-17-2012 10:32 AM

So we very frequently need to turn our drawings in to clients in dwg format, all xrefs bound, all AEC objects exploded, in 2007 format - or sometimes earlier.


The etransmit function is supposed to let us do this, but it nearly always crashes the computer, fails to create files, fails to explode the AEC objects in the file, or creates files without complete data.  The etransmit function does seem to work when we save to the current file format, and choose not to bind xrefs or explode AEC objects - but this is of limited use to us.


We often have our CAD people spend DAYS converting civil files into dumbed down CAD files for our client.  This is a huge waste of time, effort, and expense. 


Autodesk:  Please troubleshoot and bug-fix the etransmit command so that it reliably works.  Even if it's a very slow process, if it's something we can fire up at 5 'o clock and have it complete when we walk in the next day, that's still a useful function if it doesn't take up human time or require a human babysitter.


(Note:  We're running C3D 2012 SP1.  If you've already fixed it in 2013, then that's wonderful and you can disregard this message.)




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