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Feature Line linking to AECC point

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04-19-2012 11:15 AM

It becomes paramount and CAD world must have it ASAP:


1. Control Routine to distribute the aecc point along the feature line nodes and then dynamically keep updated as nod elevation changes, and vice versa. Control element can be easily on/off or suspended.

2. Ability to freeze a feature line but label attached has to remain and plot?

3. Routine to bind (lock) two or several nodes in feature line? e.g. to edit the grade of line section, the opposite vertex will elevate accordingly. I am looking the way to lock all consequent vertices, thus changing the grade value of line, all locked vertices jumped dynamically.

4. Enhance FL glyphs which must be shown in any User UCS but not only while ucs setup to “World”.

5. Set up the routine when arrow label turns automatically downslope due to gravity, unlike now the arrow follows feature line direction. I understand there have been provided “Reverse” command, but autoimmunization the flow direction due to gravity can substantially save a time and improve a grading design process


Boris B.

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