AutoCAD Civil 3D Wishes

AutoCAD Civil 3D Wishes

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C3D 2014 Wish List

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12-12-2012 10:28 PM

Ok here are a few items I would love to see in C3D 2014


  • Spell check within all smart annotated labels such as parcels labels, pipe & structure labels, note labels...etc
  • a feature where I can select a layer and it will tell me every setting or style using that current layer. I have few layers in C3D 2013 that I can't find in my settings that I want to delete
  • better parts that SSA can use for null structure representing wye connections, PT/PC along a curve pipe, and vertical bends
  • While having the corridor editor dialog box open I should have the ability to switch back and forth between other dialog boxes. When I want to run another task such click on the properties of and object I have to close my corridor editor dialog box. That so annoying.
  • add more materials to pressure pipes. Have more editing functionality for pressure pipes. 
  • data shortcut pressure pipes
  • surface label that allows me to label surface from 2 different locations. For example if I want to label the proposed top of wall and 1 foot off that the bottom of wall. The reference surface options is cool but I dont want the surface at the same location as the first point I selected. 
  • add additional leaders for C3D label such parcels and pipe and structure labels
  • a water analysis feature where I can set a water surface elevation and run a quick simple animation show water rising and lowering base of a time and intensity using my proposed surface. Maybe I can use this feature on a road or subdivision along a creek.
  • the ability to create/export an excel spread sheet based a pipe network that I select. It would be awesome if I could manual type in hydraulic data and inverts..etc and then import back into C3D and it will automatic update my pipe and structure data. Something more user friendly than SSA. :smileyhappy:
  • make viewing corridors in object viewer more smoother.
  • add friction slope column to hydroflow express!! Also I want to see full flow slope data also.
  • more quick property functionally for objects in profiles such as pipe networks.
  • add a TYPE C slope headwall part to part builder
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Re: C3D 2014 Wish List

12-13-2012 09:44 AM in reply to: tony1978

I'm still in 2011, and was looking forward to pressure pipes....but you can't data shortcut them?! Serously?  That's a no-go then!


I like most of the other points too.

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Re: C3D 2014 Wish List

01-14-2013 02:21 PM in reply to: tony1978

Allow object layers to be set to *current layer*!!! Especially labels!!!

-Ian McClain
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Re: C3D 2014 Wish List

01-15-2013 05:59 AM in reply to: tony1978

And my long, long, long-standing request:


1)  Let me assign materials to hatches, outside of corridors.  (Not just QTO, but creating 3D objects.)

2)  Let the hatches in #1 generate a subbase surface, also outside of corridors.

3)  Auto-calculate material quantities from this data.

4)  A Revit-like labelling scheme for these areas would be nice.


I want to set a hatch area to say something like "2" HMA wearing course, 3" HMA base course, 8" aggregate base, 6" sand subbase".  Then I want to be able to use profiles that autogenerate the subbase and materials, and I want to generate a subbase surface for grading calculation purposes.  I want to use these to auto-generate quantity lists, and ideally I'd like to have a link to the leaders and legends for the plans.  Maybe even a way to globally adjust the hatch pattern and layer for everything assigned to it. 


Once they get that far, then lets extend the earthwork functions to automatically show trenches around piping:  Initially we'd need to manually set trench side slopes and widths, which would still be really helpful for earthwork calculations, but then perhaps that could link to trenching rules based on soil types?  And then a true ability to talk to Revit?  Letting architects use our pavement and pipe data, and letting us import buildings?  Just sayin...


Let's take Civil 3D into the 21st century.  I feel like I'm running Windows 2.0 here.  It doesn't even feel like Windows 3.1 yet.


Lest I seem like I always complain, I do want to thank Autodesk for adding pressure piping in 2013.  It's not perfect yet, but it's a good start.  It was another of my long-standing requests that has come into reality - so, thank you.



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Target Aliasing and Vertical Gore Tool

01-21-2013 10:27 PM in reply to: tony1978

Should be added Target Aliasing and Vertical Gore Tool

for interchange design as in other software have

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Re: C3D 2014 Wish List

02-01-2013 07:12 AM in reply to: IanMcClain

I second that, I think every bylayer should be availble for every style and every label.

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Re: C3D 2014 Wish List

02-09-2013 01:30 PM in reply to: jmatthei

absolutely agree.....

(No connection with Autodesk other than using the products in the real world)

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