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Stage vs. Discharge (SSA)

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06-30-2010 06:52 PM

I have a pond defined in SSA with two outfalls...unique situation to say the least.  I need to generate a stage vs. discharge table or curve for the pond.  I am sure there is an option in one of the output reports to get the table or curve, but I have not been able to find it.  Hydrographs automatically generates a stage / storage / discharge table & curve, but hydrographs will not model multiple multi-stage outlets???


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Stage vs. Discharge (SSA)

07-01-2010 06:52 AM in reply to: MJP42

Hydraflow Hydrographs can model three culvert/orifices, one perforated riser, and 4 weir outlets + exfiltration and generate a stage-storage-discharge table / curve.


With SSA, your pond is a Storage Node, and your outlets are links like:  culverts, orifices, weirs, etc. To get a combination stage-storage-discharge curve, I would review the time series plot section of the program.  There is a vast host of information available that you allow you to gather the amount of data and graph it in Excel. 


The Nodes section will provide Depth vs time; Head vs time; and Volume vs time for the pond.

The Links section will provide flow vs time for each outlet (riser, orifice, weir/spillays.


The tabular data can then be exported to Excel using a RMC.  From there a tablular report of depth-dicharge-storage can be built and graphed.


Hopefully that helps.

Matthew Anderson, PE
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Re: Stage vs. Discharge (SSA)

09-13-2011 08:47 AM in reply to: Matt.Anderson

Hi Matt,


I was tasked to learn SSA and use it for one small land development project. Our office switched from Hydraflow to SSA and the first project was the one I was working on; hence I had to learn the software.


I have liked SSA so far since my project has 3 storage (1 underground, 2 above ground sotrage) basins and since SSA works with basins in-series, it helped a lot. However, I am not very happy with SSA's reporting capabilities. I feel that SSA has pre-set output and user can not change it much. Of course the user can select not to have one summary table but the user can not control what he/she wants to include in a summary table. Or if someone wants to plot a graph, it can not be done unless its in pre-set output that the program generates.


Like the original contributor of this thread, I also want to print stage storage table for a pond that shows water elevations at different times, like how hydraflow did.


I know that I can check this information on the animation, as to how water elevation changes over time, but since my boss only is going to look the report, he doesn't believe in the software. It would be great to have more reporting options in the program.


If someone at Autodesk can help me with the report generation, it would be a huge help! Or if Autodesk has done a video showing how the reporting works, that would help!




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Re: Stage vs. Discharge (SSA)

09-13-2011 09:26 AM in reply to: kdave

KDave -


I would suggest you review the Output > Custom Report Options as well as the Time Series Plot data.  There is plenty of information available for reporting.  Each data item has customizable titles, units, precisions, and an include/exlude item.


The reporting is always availabe to Excel so that you can reformat, exclude and provide additional calculations from the data that SSA provides.


All charts, plots, tables are easily exported to Word, Excel or both.  Nearly all of that is available with a single right-mouse click.

Matthew Anderson, PE
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Re: Stage vs. Discharge (SSA)

03-01-2012 06:54 PM in reply to: MJP42

I like the low level capabilities of SSA, but it is a big efficiency killer when you have smaller hydrologic studies because it does not store and report multiple events.  I don't care if the GUI didn't change, but the ability to print multiple event reports and change the organization would be huge.


I also had the issue with storm and satniary analysis and the stage storage reporting.  The thing is that water quality design, as well as some channel protection designs require allocations of specific storage volumes.  In SSA, if you are creating ponds from regular contour intervals of 1.0 or 2.0 feet, you can't estimate very well.  In Hydraflow, it interpolated intermediate contours that you could use to round to the nearest 0.1-0.2 feet. 


A simple (and better) solution than the hydraflow interpolation is to create a surface style called pond-design.  Create a new surface just for your pond, paste in the finish grades, then create an outer boundary around the top of the pond slope. Create (and stick it in your standards) a pond volume style that plots contours at 0.10 foot intervals.  Go into analyze, hit the pulldown for design and click stage-storage.  Click on the pond surface and voila - 0.10 foot intervals.  You can save this as an AecSST file then go to SSA, click a storage node, click the ellipsis to enter stage/storage data, click load, and then pulldown the file type and click the aecsst.  


This allows you to maintain the 0.10 intervals in the software, which is handy when you have a change in the site, and want to see the impact to the elevation for required storage volumes  (a much more frequent problem than the pond changing with no site change.)  Hope that helps.

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