AutoCAD Civil 3D - Stormwater

AutoCAD Civil 3D - Stormwater

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How to get SSA to let me set my own Boundary Condition elevation

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04-23-2012 03:05 PM

The proposed storm drain system connects into an existing system in my project design.  I am modeling the proposed, and using an outfall at the connection to the existing system (I would prefer not to model the existing system as it is large and cumbersome).  I would like my boundary condition to reflect a predetermined elevation, but I am having trouble adjusting the starting water surface elevation.  I have tried using a fixed elevation or a time series function, but the boundary condition won’t adjust above the unimpeded normal depth.

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Re: How to get SSA to let me set my own Boundary Condition elevation

06-21-2012 07:12 PM in reply to: tcorey

i am pretty sure i have experienced similar problem (sorry, not in front of computer, but will look up a recently done model and re-confirm tomorrow with some relevant screenshots). can anyone shed some light into this, as to why SSA is not honoring a specified tailwater boundary condition? SSA version 2011.

Avishek Chhibber, P.E., CFM
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Re: How to get SSA to let me set my own Boundary Condition elevation

06-25-2012 08:13 PM in reply to: Hidden_Brain


Have you tried setting the Link Routing Method in the Project Options dialog to Hydrodynamic? I think setting the routing method to “Hydrodynamic” will honor the boundary condition of defined WSEL.

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