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AutoCAD Civil 3D - Stormwater

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GIS Import issues

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09-24-2012 01:08 PM

We're just getting our feet wet with this, but we've already run into a few issues.


1. When trying to import a shp file for the manholes in a system, we get an error saying it expected a point shape file. It is a point shape file though. You can import it into C3D and it comes in as points. Work around: export it back out as a point shp file and it works just fine.


2. Now we have a shp file that'll import, when we try to make junction names up we get all sort of funny characters instead of what it is supposed to be. Example MSA 1127 turns into 4 asian character or a couple swastikas. The junction names looked just fine in Civil 3D.


Anyone with some ideas on this? And it's multiple machines.

Win 7 64 bit, C3D & SSA 2013.




Shawn Caldwell
Gay & Neel, Inc.
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Re: GIS Import issues

09-26-2012 11:16 AM in reply to: scaldwell73

I was told by Autodesk Support that the second item was a bug and they're working on it. Yay me

Shawn Caldwell
Gay & Neel, Inc.
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Re: GIS Import issues

10-04-2012 07:13 AM in reply to: scaldwell73

I don't mean to hijack this thread but given the title I'm going to add a few issues I have encountered so far.

First let me explain my workflow for the attached example;

  1. Import survey data into Civil 3D to create pipe network and polylines for impermeable areas. (2009 format due to legacy vba import macro)
  2. Export impremeable areas to .shp with column for manhole which they drain to. "TAG"
  3. Open in 2013 and add additional pipe and save.
  4. Export the Pipe network to .STM.
  5. Import .STM to SS.
  6. Export to GIS from SS.
  7. GIS Import impermeable area .shp to SS - Subcatchments do not link to nodes.
  8. GIS import previously exported pipe and junction .shp files and impermeable area .shp - network is incorrect, names are incorrect etc...
  9. Import .shp files into C3D - all pipe and node IDs are wrong making the proccess unworkable.


Is it possible to export pipe network from C3D to .shp?

If just .shp files are imported do they subcatchment join properly?

It subcatchments had inlet IDs rather than junction ID would the process work? - doesn't appear to


Why does SS export networks to 5 .shp files yet only import from 2??


Regarding the "ID" issue it appears from the above and what you are saying that the ID are incorrect on import and export but this is a known issue?


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