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AutoCAD Civil 3D - Stormwater

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Flows not transferring from one pipe to another through a junction structure

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02-04-2013 05:30 PM

I have a network I created that is collecting runoff from various catchbasins and discharging through one main storm drain pipe.  I notice that the cfs that i get from the sub-area and is captured by the catchbasin is not the same as what is in the pipe.  It appears to be off by 0.20 cfs.  In addition as I follow the system it comes to a junction structure "Manhole" that has two incoming pipes and one outgoing pipe.  One of the pipes is the main storm drain and the other is a lateral from a catchbasin.  Through all the other junction structures the volume increases on the downstream pipe after it collects the lateral, but this junction structure continues with the same flow that is coming from the upstream pipe not including the lateral.   I check the lateral and it has a flow.  I right click on the junction structure and select contributing links and it shows all the pipes upstream including the lateral, but for whatever reason it does not include the volume from this lateral in the downstream flow.


Any help?


Thank you,



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