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AutoCAD Civil 3D - Stormwater

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Adding Sanitary Sewer Flows to Nodes from spreadsheet

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12-12-2012 12:26 AM


I have a master plan development that I am trying to model different wastewater flows scenerios for I am basically following this paper from  AU 2011 but have a couple of issues I am trying to work around.

Basically I want to take a spreadsheet of flows determined for specific nodes and upload it into SSA quickly from the paper
I can see that you can write a shp file of the network and then add different flow scenerios to the .dbf file and them use the GIS import function of SSA to get the flows assigned in one hit.

The issue I have however is that my network is a prelimary design in Civil3d as pipes and structures and if I create a .sdf of the network and then.shps from that data I do not get the structure sump elevations as according to the help this is not something that created in the shp file export process,


To work around this I through maybe I could export the network from Cicil3d to SAA which gies me all the strucutres with the correect sump levels and then also create a .shp and .dbf file and add the flows and them do a GIS import of just the structures and merge them with the exisiting network as the structure names as exactly the same and therefore the gis import should find the correct structures.

However SSA does not and adds a second lot of nodes with the same structure name but with Junction in the front.

Any suggestions on how to work around these issues would be appreciated.



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Re: Adding Sanitary Sewer Flows to Nodes from spreadsheet

12-19-2012 07:04 AM in reply to: ralstogj



I had the same trouble, but I wound up entering each flow manually within SSA (which was a pain). I don't know if this will work but its worth looking into. The video explains how to change your import and export settings which might make transitioning between the programs easier.  Good Luck!


Lorenzo Wingate

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