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Wish list items for surface spot elevation labels

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04-07-2004 08:54 AM
I think the first place we will use Civil3D for production is for labeling spot elevations from a surface and have the spot elevations update automatically if the surface changes. I have two requests that will make this work better. When setting up the surface spot elevation label style, I would like to use a custom leader arrowhead just like you can in the dimension styles. All the arrowheads available for the spot elevation label style match what are available for dimension styles. I want to create an arrowhead that is an X, so the line from the spot elevation will go exactly to point selected rather than pointing to the point marker. The second request is to have the ability to overwrite a surface when importing from LDT project information. At this time we are still going to creating our surfaces in LDT and then bring them over to Civil3D to do the labeling. I want to have the ability to overwrite a surface so if we modify a surface that has spot elevations labeled all over the site, I can just import the updated surface from LDT, have it overwrite the surface and the spot elevation labels will take on the new elevations from the surface. If my requests are not possible the way the program is written, can someone give me some ideas how I should approach labeling spot elevations so I only have to place the label once and have it update if the surface is modified, especially if it is modified in LDT and imported into Civil3D.
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