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Using Divide Command

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07-16-2009 11:32 AM
Hey guys. When using the divide command small points are left behind with an undefined elevation (0) and are a pain in the but to remove. Does anyone know a quick way of removing these remains or a way so that actual points are not used with the divide command?
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Re: Using Divide Command

07-16-2009 12:37 PM in reply to: jsbarnby
What I do to be able to see the points is change the setvar for PDMODE to 3. This will show the points with an X. You could also change the size with PDSIZE. A quick way to erase all the AutoCAD points in the drawing is to use the QSELECT command. Select the Object type of "Point" and Operator of "Select All", then erase the selection set.

*Joe Bouza
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Re: Using Divide Command

07-17-2009 05:08 AM in reply to: jsbarnby
When you use the divide command the acad point is the default entity to
designate the division. You could assign a block to be place at the
interval. Also, a QSELECT filtering POINT will help clean up.

Thanks, Joe

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