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Re: User Defined Parcel Properties

04-19-2012 05:53 AM in reply to: Sinc

Sinc wrote:

There are STILL problems that C3D can easily lose all that info if you need to edit your Parcels in any way.  Parcels really need to be re-designed, probably with something similar to Map centroids, or maybe a two-phase edit process, so this data doesn't get lost.  So I recommend caution in using this approach.

I concur with Sinc.  I just did a ROW acquisition project for just 5 tracts.  Sounds simple, right?  All I needed to show was a legal sized exhibit for each of the tracts with the neighboring properties information also.  My ROW drawing became corrupt not once, but twice.  I had to redraw all the parcels and recreate all the parcel data twice.  For a small project like this one it was a pain.  I'm not doing anything with parcels on a larger project based on this experience.  The strange part is, after the first corruption whenever I edited a single parcel's information I would audit and save.  No errors until I panned the drawing.  That cause C3D 2012 to crash and then the parcel data was all lost, including the .BAK and autosave files. 


I've not gotten too involved with the map topology stuff, but I think on the next project that's the route I'm going to go.

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