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Upgrading LISP?

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06-19-2013 04:30 AM

Quick question:


If I had some custom lisp routes that I used with ACAD 2009, then you think I would need to upgrade, modify or change any of the lisp to work correctly in 2014?


Could a custom lisp that I used in 2012, corrupt, effect performance, screw with other key commands (although with worked in the 2012 software) in 2014 if I didn't upgrade the 2012 lisp?


And if I need to upgrade my 2012 lisps to 2014, how do I it or where can I find the answer?





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Re: Upgrading LISP?

06-19-2013 07:40 AM in reply to: ParadigmAE

LISP is generally portable between versions, more so when programmed with version independance in mind.  If you are accessing Civil3D or other objects via VLA methods/properties you will likely need to make updates.  There is some command-line quirkyness in the past couple of releases which can affect user feedback during long loop operations.


Oh, and watch out for the security features - these can prevent LISPs from being loaded.

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