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Update Section Views Layout

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05-02-2014 09:32 AM

I am using C3D 2014 sp1


I am having a problem with section views updating (the attached image will help explain). Section 29+00 (top in the image) has all the information displayed as designed. Section 28+40.07 (bottom in the image) has lost the "vertical markers" for the R/W, Wetlands & Easements. When I originally created the section views the markers displayed correctly in section 28+40.07. My design required me to move the 28+40.07 sample line and after that the markers no longer display in the section view. I understand there are many steps leading up to this point but I'm hoping someone has seen this and has a possable solution.  



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Re: Update Section Views Layout

05-05-2014 08:58 AM in reply to: jak79

As it looks like those line were created using the projection tools, I did a couple of quick tests to see if moving a sample line would break the projection marker / label. Unfortunetly I was not able to do so and the label and marker adjusted as needed to its new station.

Would you be willing to provide the drawing by any chance?

Jason Ferrelli
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Re: Update Section Views Layout

05-05-2014 08:04 PM in reply to: Jason.Ferrelli
Thanks for the reply.

The Markers where created using a generic sub-assembly that targeted a feature line.

I have since found a solution to my problem. I need to build a section in my corridor at the exact station as the sample line and then make sure that the sample line is located exactly at that station (within .001+- feet, I use the transparent commands to located the sample line at the same exact station). If the sample line is off by only .01 feet it will not display.

Thanks again for the reply.
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